How Can I Be the Best

Last Update: May 11, 2018

How Can I Be the Best

Success Can Be Dangerous

Some people are so willing to take risks that they fail in 4 out of 5 things they do.

Ah But!

That means they succeed in 1 out of 5.

Is this crazy?

Well I think that is something that is very subjective.

It depends on how scared we are of failing or getting things wrong.

The Bad Side.

Making mistakes can feel painful and scary.

The Good Side.

We know that although the latest project is a catastrophe, it is one step nearer to the next success. (1 out of 4, remember.)

Prepare yourself for Success.

I think it is a good idea to prepare yourself for success.

Know that if you persist and learn from your mistakes, you will succeed in the end.

Think about what success

  • looks like

  • feels like

  • smells like

  • tastes like

  • sounds like.

When success comes, and it will, you must be prepared to grab it and run with it.


So you can think, then plan, then find problems as much as it makes you feel comfortable.

In the end, if things are going to change and you are going to succeed in a new venture, you have to take action and go to “Do!” The magic is that you will quickly get used to what you are doing. It will become familiar, comfortable and a lot easier.

There is one thought I would like to share with you: There was nothing ever created or built without someone thinking about it.

Think about it.

Think about flying. No-one would have persisted in crashing plane after plane if they did not believe that one day, one of them would fly.

Think about succeeding as an internet marketer.


We take risks when we walk down the street or go swimming. The degree or level of risk is the difference.

We can take risks with business and simply minimalize them.

Taking a risk with Wealthy Affiliate is really low.

Get it Wrong.

We all make mistakes, that is when we learn the most.


Each time you make a small mistake, remember to remember your small successes.

Celebrate your successes so that you remember them easily.

You will gain confidence slowly and sometimes in a sprint as you grasp some complex point.

Believe in yourself and you can achieve miracles.

I wish you all the best of successes.

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PMbaluka Premium
The aspect of getting it wrong at times has made me learn a great deal. Thank you for the insight.
viyee Premium
Thanks Paul.
Amazing what we can learn form our own and other's mistakes.
5-qpq Premium
Hi viyee,

Totally awesome, wow, and thank you. Becky
viyee Premium
Thanks Becky.
Off to make some mistakes.....
5-qpq Premium
Hi Viyee,

I understand, lol. I’ve just started writing content, haha, and I’m wondering and saying to myself. What am I doing? It’s a mess. Oh, my, gosh, lol. BUT it’s a start. Kindly, Becky
viyee Premium
I can only reassure you Becky that it gets easier and you will get better.
There are some really good blogs on here to help you with content.
My own advice, from experience, is write as much as you can and use the blogs here to write small articles. you can see peoples reactions, or not. It is something like swimming; keep doing it and swim a little further each time.
5-qpq Premium
Hi Viyee,

I trust your advice. Great post by the way and it was so much fun to read.

Right on.


HeidiY Premium
I think your idea about celebrating the small success is a very valid point. We tend to gloss over them as small and then when it comes time to remember them, they don’t feel like much and that makes the mistakes seem perhaps bigger than they are.

The success blogs here at WA are a great way to celebrate those wins, and give you something to look back on when times get a little tough.

Thanks for the post, I’m off to make some mistakes!
viyee Premium
Thanks Heidi. Very true.
Lets make some gargantuan cock-ups and booming successes.