WA got me a gig

Last Update: October 25, 2018

As we cover the training in order to grow our online business we learn so much about affiliate marketing, but without realizing it we are also training in web design, how search engines work and so much more!

I was talking to a business owner that showed me a budget that she got from a web designer. She wants to have a website for her business and was looking for some options. I thought what they were charging here was too much for a very simple site, so I told her that I could do something better for half of the money, and get a better hosting deal.

And that is how I got a new gig, I am not a web designer, but this can be a way to have an income as well until I go all passive!

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ExpatMark Premium
I "accidently" overheard someone at the library the other day. I showed him how fast I could set up a website for him. He said he was in a hurry. I told him I could do it in 2 minutes. I freaked him(and me) out in doing so. He gave me his business card and now I am going to sell my first website design. All from 3 months training at WA.
And yes Ms. V, you ARE now a web designer. Congratulations!
vivimontilla Premium
sdawson Premium
Very good. Congratulations! - Shirley
CalChrisH Premium
WA covers all the bases. So many angles to take here. You are becoming an expert and not even realizing it. Good job!
vivimontilla Premium
Exactly, and I think it's because we are not focusing on "being a good web designer" , this is just something that happens organically, for the sake of our online business.