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I know there are hundreeds, even thousands of posts like this one, but I would like to share anyways.I've worked on my site for about 6 months and then I started being busy with other stuff in my life and I just left my "new born" that had around 20 posts, one sale, and 20 visitors per month. After I realized that I left 4 months go by without one entry I decided that it was enough and I that I needed to get back to it. To my surprise it was growing on its own! I have now around 400 views per
October 25, 2018
As we cover the training in order to grow our online business we learn so much about affiliate marketing, but without realizing it we are also training in web design, how search engines work and so much more! I was talking to a business owner that showed me a budget that she got from a web designer. She wants to have a website for her business and was looking for some options. I thought what they were charging here was too much for a very simple site, so I told her that I could do something bet
Yesterday I posted that I was starting to get my first few visits due to organic traffic. Meaning people were actually looking for things I wrote about and Mr. Google was suggesting my site as an option.Today I had the feeling that I was very close to start making some money. Just keep on working, it is coming...I've just logged in on my affiliate account and guess what.... MY VERY FIRST AFFILIATE COMISSION! For a review I wrote two weeks ago. The product is really great, I am actually using it
Hi everyone! A tiny brag. My site is very young and my visits are mainly from other WA members that leave comments through this platform and from Instagram because I am trying to grow there as well. I try not to look too much at my Analytic page because I feel is like waiting for an ice cube to melt. I try to focus on moving forward in my training and producing content. However I checked my status today and I am beginning to have Organic Research visits , which is what I am looking for after al
I've been on WA for almost 5 months now and I've been learning a lot. I am so grateful for the training provided and the people around that are always willing to help and give honest advice. In these months I've had days of a lot of inspiration and energy to work on my blog and others that hasn't been so great. Since it's the beginning and I am not seeing real financial progress, sometimes it's hard to be on track and do the work.This is why I came up with my little notebook system. Every day,
June 02, 2018
I had WA in my mind for about 3 months before joining until I finally did. I had all this niche ideas before I even started the first training. When it came for time to deciding I had to follow my instinct and write about what I know and love, dancing. Maybe this is not the most lucrative niche but it just feels right. So far I've written my first 5 posts and I didn't expect to be this proud about them. You see, I've always enjoyed writing but I never thought I would write something valuable en