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May 19, 2020
News flash Google doesn't know everything! A woman tweeted a picture of a piece of lamb she'd cooked saying that she'd eaten it with roasted fingerlings which were not pictured.I knew the name sounded familiar but my only experience of them was the above cute toy. I asked her what they were and she tweeted back that I could find out on Google so I asked Google 'what's a fingerling' and I got the above pic! I tweeted her the pic jokily asking if she'd eaten the cute toys, hoping she'd laugh and
Hiya lovely WA folksSo I'm on my second day of giving up smoking, yesterday did not go well, today is not much better. I'm trying to distract myself with work but the frustration of not being able to do what I want is driving me crazy and all I want is to smoke the pain away, grrrr! For instance, when I try to start a new paragraph two lines down, I hit return twice and I'm taken to the beginning of the paragraph I've just written, why? Why does it do that? I find a picture I quite like but if
April 11, 2020
Hiya lovely WA folks,If you've read my ode to WA that turned into an article, you will be aware of how much I love it here at WA, the things I've learned, some of the people that have helped me and the huge reliance I have had on both Site Support and this fantastic community to help me out with my seemingly never ending questions! I recently asked a question about site comments - I'm just going to copy it here so you understand how it went down without having to go back over it - Why weren't p
Hiya lovely WA folks,I made my first podcast today😁It was really cool. I interviewed the Director of one of the crypto currencies I hold on Zoom with the help of his lovely virtual assistant. She's doing all the editing because she already knows how and I'm just learning.We had a few teething problems but it went well and I cannae wait to do it again. Now I just need to figure out how to link it or embed it or something. I've learned a new skill and it's given me something else to write
April 02, 2020
If you haven't read my previous post and your name is mentioned here - I'm going to attempt tagging or I will just write your name - please read my previous post. I have turned the aforementioned post into an article promoting WA which includes the following paragraph - please pick yourself out and let me know if you are ok with it, I will hold off publishing until I've heard from everyone :-I want you to meet all the fabulously diverse WA folk that have helped me on my journey - a lady so lege
March 31, 2020
About 15 years ago near a basketball courtTwo men were sitting, both deep in thought "You know what, Carson?" One of them said"What is it Kyle?" As he turned his headKyle smiled over the top of his mug of tea"I think we should launch an online business university"Carson replied "Sounds interesting, tell me more"Kyle smiled again and said "I'll try not to boreYou with the minute details but I think this could beAn amazing, online resource giving the opportunity For people to run their own lives
I have just edited my first YouTube video using an app called Inshot. I'd been recording a how to ptc video and one of my clicks produced a pic of someone's naked ass which obviously wouldn't comply with the guidelines for posting content that children can watch. I also want my own children to be able to watch anything I post so it was time to get to grips with editing!It took me flipping hours to tear out that 2 minutes of video butt! Not sure how but it kept adding what I'd cut or trimmed ont
March 17, 2020
Happy St Patrick's Day to all who celebrate it, hope you've all had a fab one.Caroline😁
Hiya lovely WA ladies,Hope everyone's having a fab International Women's Day however you're celebrating it. I am spending the day 'mumtrepreneuring'! Making videos with my kids for my YouTube channel🎬🎥I thought the above pic was funny, hope people take it in the spirit it was intended😜Have a great week.Krs Caroline😁
February 14, 2020
Hiya folks,Hope everyone is having a fab Valentine's Day however you're celebrating it 💜'Krs Caroline🥰