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Last Update: April 24, 2020

Hiya lovely WA folks

So I'm on my second day of giving up smoking, yesterday did not go well, today is not much better. I'm trying to distract myself with work but the frustration of not being able to do what I want is driving me crazy and all I want is to smoke the pain away, grrrr!

For instance, when I try to start a new paragraph two lines down, I hit return twice and I'm taken to the beginning of the paragraph I've just written, why? Why does it do that? I find a picture I quite like but if it doesn't fit in the space properly it says 'drag to reposition' but the whole page moves - I thought I'd solved that problem with my beaver pic but clearly not!

Yet that time when I hit return twice, it just did it, I'm right where I want to be so what was with the previous paragraph? Then there's my website - I stupidly wrote an article on Coronavirus which of course hasn't gone anywhere so I wrapped it up and included an embedded YouTube video I've made but can I centre the video on the page? No I 🤬 cannae and believe that I have tried. Also I've changed the spacing repeatedly because I made the headings bigger but when I update and view it the spacing has gone back to how it was - WHY????

I'm beginning to think I may not be as chill as I always thought. Anyone got anything for me pls? Sorry for the rant😊




This right here is one of the myriad reasons I love WA🥰 thank you so much for your love and kindness. I'm overwhelmed by the positive vibes and support you've all offered me, I will reply individually later (it's my youngest's 4th birthday today so we're going to try to recreate a McDonalds Happy Meal because that's where we would have gone!) Hopefully tonight will be better than the past couple of nights have been. The days are ok but this is when my insomnia really bites😒

Thanks again 😘😘😘

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lesabre Premium
Hi Caroline, first of all I must say I admire you for making the choice to quit smoking. We are living in a world of respiratory diseases, smoking does not help.
A moment of confession here, I am a recovering alcoholic and I still remember how rough it was quitting.
One day at a time. You just need to quit for today, then do a rinse and repeat for tomorrow.
You can do it Caroline. Any time you feel like ranting go for. You certainly have my support. You can PM me all your rants.

All the very best,
GNolen1 Premium
I used Nicorette gum to quit now I'm spending more money on it than I was smoking. thing is I feel and look much better but I gave up one vice for another good lick hold your head up it's going to be ok promise.
Stanleycmng Premium
Breaking amy habit is hard. Smoking is a challenge. I think there are some good replies here you can consider. I am not a smoker, so I am here to cheer you on. You can do it! 🙌🏻🙌🏻
1Rudy1 Premium
Its tough to quit without creating a plan.

I knew I was going to stop smoking, when the ten cartons I purchased were gone. That gave me about 6-8 months worth of smokes and plenty of time to set my mind..
I used the new 'fake cigarette' to curb the totobacco use.. Way pre-vape..grin
Only used them for 3 weeks. They had served their purpose...Nothing since.

A few weeks after quitting, I observed a guy smoking and it triggered me. I found that by inhaling deeply through my nose and exhale through mouth, the craving went away.
Now occasionally I'll only need 1 or 2 breaths...

Huh...maybe I should have started that with, Hello, my name is....grin.

Hang in there!
katugasan Premium