I thought I finally had some traffic

Last Update: February 16, 2017

So I went onto Google Analytics today, and saw that I’d got a little bit of traffic to the site. This is great news, I thought.

When I had a closer look at where the traffic was from, and which posts are getting it, something didn’t feel right. Most of the new visitors over the past month (65% of them) were from the city I live in, and some of my top 10 posts listed had some strange-looking permalinks like this:


I checked whether I’d put my IP address in Analytics correctly as one to be blocked, and looked up the address again.


...it was a different address!! I didn’t know until now that IP addresses could change. Obviously, there’s not much point in seeing what my most popular posts are if I’m the one who’s been clicking on them most of the time.

Anyway, I’ve changed to this new one on Analytics, and will wait to see what traffic I really do have. I’ve found instructions on my ISP’s website on how to reserve a fixed IP address, and will check with them that there’s no extra charge for this.

In the meantime….sigh....back to the post I'm working on (to be published on Tuesday) and hoping to make my first pennies/pounds soon (didn't achieve the goal I set myself, which is another thing...)

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EricCantu Premium Plus
Keep your head up. Sometimes it's not really healthy to be checking in on your google analytics so much. It can be more important to set that to the side and just keep creating quality content in the early stages, sharing your posts to social media, and then allowing your site to mature and grow traffic naturally. Keep up the good work and your site will produce. ;)