Money Is In Your List!

Last Update: June 03, 2016

So what is the number one secret to making a lot of money on the internet and generating passive income at the same time? Yes- Building a mailing list. They say "Money Is In The List"

  • Opt-in page
  • Automated email follow-up
  • Sales funnel
  • Training on social media traffic
  • Creating landing pages

  • All you need to do is promote a URL. That’s why it’s so simple for anyone to make money with it. It is proven even with newbies who made their first dollar online to experienced marketers making money on auto-pilot. Let me introduce you to the method of building an online business by building a list.

    But first, let me explain. In order for you to build a list, you must build a landing page or opt-in page offering a free gift or eBook something valuable to persuade your subscribers. Now the opt-in page or free gift are structured towards a particular topic in a niche. Here is an example

    We have an opt-in page and free gift related to affiliate marketing so when we’re promoting this web page we’ll go after the traffic source related to this topic. So if we’re buying traffic from Bing, or google perhaps we could be targeting the keywords “affiliate marketing” drive traffic to our opt-in page and start building our mailing list. To increase your traffic it's simple, just create multiple opt-in pages and free gifts about the different topic but stay within the same niche which is affiliate marketing.

    So if you think for a second, why would people want to learn affiliate marketing? Because they want to make money online right? Same for bloggers, they want to make money online! You just need to find new topics in the same niche. Another example we’ve created an opt-in page and free gift on how to make money from Facebook, this time, we are not targeting affiliate marketing but our target would be on “Facebook Marketing” and “Social Media Space” But the end of the day, all of them leads to the same niche which means the offer being promoted to “Affiliate Marketing” prospects also be suitable for “Facebook Marketing prospects.

    Another example if someone wants to learn how to make money by being an affiliate marketer than they would want to learn how to get traffic. Also, the person who wants to learn how to make money from Facebook would also be keen to learn how to get traffic.

    To summarize it all

    In one niche there are multiple topics just create an opt-in page and free gift tailor-made for each of the topics and you will never run out of traffic anymore! This saves you a lot of time and work because when you email to your list you can email to everyone because they’re in the same niche, get it?

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