Ambassador again- Feeling grateful

Last Update: May 18, 2020

Hi to all WA Rock Stars!!!

I am feeling extremely grateful this morning as I arrive at work here in WA to see I reached no.25 again.

I reached Ambassador not long after I joined Wealthy Affiliate and although it felt like an honour to make it back then, it also felt a little undeserved at the time. WHY?

Because I was a new girl on the block, fully absorbed in the happenings inside WA and even though I got to no.4 I know now in hindsight I probably should have focused more on my business building.and learning rather than spending so much on being inside the community.

I was a new gal, learning, making mistakes and probably annoying a few members along the way with my lack of knowledge.

It was kind of like a shiny object back then, I guess


It feels so different from the 1st time around. I have gained a lot more knowledge, I know what type of blog posts to write to help people, I can answer questions and offer solutions now and even though I absolutely love helping people, I am still completely focused on building my new site.

Achievements along the way

I have a MMO site with over 300 posts and it's bringing referrals and traffic and it feels great to know it is working.

I have new site I am currently building as I am taking my Coaching abilities to the next level and hope to keep helping people, as this is my passion.

I have nearly 4000 followers here in WA. So great to connect with good people.

I overcame the challenge of doing videos and have got a YouTube channel and also I do videos for my coaching work so I am real happy I am getting these done as they really do work and bring more traffic to your site.

I have balance in my day, always a written plan for each new week and I also work until those smaller goals are completed because each step you take doing those tasks, takes you 1 step closer to the big goals.

I have a few starter referrals and 3 premium members which is not a lot but it is definitely going in the right direction.

Grateful and Thankful

I am so grateful to the members who teach here.Laura, Nathaniell, Dylanreiger, Rob, Zed, and all the other remarkable members who whenever they post, it's worth the read as they always offer value and gold nuggets.

Wealthy Affiliate has given me the opportunity to shine a light online for others and I am always so grateful and thankful to the people who have really helped make this place brilliant.

Business posts here in WA inspire me and help me move forward and I enjoy everyone's progress reports as well as this shows me WA works and will continue to help 1000s more people over time.

Price to pay

We pay such a small amount of money every month or yearly. It still blow me away when I see people who think the amount is a little much.

Think about this for a moment

You are going to build an offline business: How much will it cost and when will you see a profit and I don't mean a few sales, I am talking about a profit after all the costs are taken out?

How much time does it take to build a great business?

Now Let's think about WA and building your own income producing business online.

Let's say it takes 2-3 yeas to achieve momentum with sales. Even if it costs you around $1500 over 3 years with a few add-ons etc, where can you have a business running on such a small amount.

I know the Investment here in WA is worth so much more than the amount we pay and if you learn well and work hard consistently you will make a great income.

2 premium referrals and your membership is paid. The commission paid out is one of the highest affiliate commission pay outs at nearly 50% which is amazing.

There is nothing you can't achieve if you put your mind to it and if you work your plan, so go well my friends, thank you for your support on my journey, thank you for helping me out when I need it and I hope to connect with loads more great people here in WA as I build stronger.

And remember:

The late great Jim Rohn, one of my most treasured mentors ever!!!

Thanks for being you and thanks for stopping by to ready my celebration post.


Vicki signing out and off to work we go :)

Are you working your best to make 2020 and beyond something to celebrate?

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lesabre Premium
Hi Vickic, this is awesome news. In my eyes you have been more than an ambassador. Always there to help. Always having great answers to solving problems. I have admired your knowledge for a long time.
You are so deserving of being Ambassador. Congratulations and continued success.

All the best,
Vickic3 Premium
Bless you my friend. You are so kind and I am glad to help
I love people especially people like you Michael and I wish you continued success along the way my friend
EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Hi Ambassador Vicki, welcome back! I totally agree with you on the importance of investing time in ones business.

I commend you on creating over 300 posts on your website. Makes me feel lazy with only 65 on my MMO site. I have a long way to go. Still going through Bootcamp.

Yet to do YouTube. That is an awesome achievement.

I wish you continued success.

Vickic3 Premium
All in good time Edwin and every individual works differently and you are doing great every time you add more to your site.
Yes, my goal is now to do 1 video per week to add to youtube and continue to build my new site which I am very excited about.

Continued success to you also and thank you as always for your kindness and support
CordeliaN Premium
Vicki, I loved the post, firstly congratulations on achieving Ambassador and for being able to see how beneficial it is for both you and the WAmily, I realise it was probably quite a big ego boost when you were new and number 4, however that would have taken huge dedication (as you say to the detriment of your business)

Second and HUGE well done 300 posts...did I read that right...that is a phenomenal amount of work I really hope it’s starting to pay off you truly deserve something for sure commitment and consistency.

I am glad and grateful to be part of your tribe to be able to share in your moments of joy.

Vickic3 Premium
Good morning Cordelia from New Zealand.
Sorry about the late reply- I went to sleep early last night and have loads of comments to reply to :)
Yes, my ego probably got a buzz from those early moments but today feels so much more rewarding as I feel more knowledgable and have learned from the errors of the early days.
Feeling all grown up now- lol
Yes, 300 is correct and it took dedication on a daily basis. I had a goal and it was achieved and now I can relax a bit with that site by adding 1 article per week, giving me more time to grow my new site.
Thank you for your kindness and support.
Enjoy every day being you :)
Thank you
Mark1957 Premium
Well done Vicki, fully deserved and of course I've benefited from your encouragement by doing my very first facebook live a few days ago.

Your words gave me the final push to do the live and I'm grateful for them.

Knowing the quality of your work I look forward to reading more of your stuff in the future.

Congratulations Vicki and good luck with all your ventures👍

Vickic3 Premium
Hi Mark
Just waking up over here in NZ and I congratulate you for moving out of your comfort zone to create live on FB
awesome work and it will be so great moving forward
Thank you for your kindness and enjoy a great week
Mark1957 Premium
I'll be doing some more soon too Vicki, leaving that zone well behind!
Enjoy your breakfast and have a great day👍
Vickic3 Premium
Awesome and you Mark, thank you :)
Mark1957 Premium
RickSea Premium
Congratulations Vicki and great post.

I love the saying about not spending time but in investing time.
Also with regard to starting a business, I've been involved in starting three offline businesses and the one with the lowest capital outlay was a window cleaning business which cost several times the annual membership investment for WA.

That's a brilliant quote by Jim Rohn, I haven't previously heard it.


Vickic3 Premium
Hi Rick
I apologize for the late reply
I went to sleep early last night and missed a few comments.
Yes investing time- I love it as well.
The online world is growing so fast and investing such a small amount each month or year is worth every cent if we invest time wisely.
Thank you for your input and it's great you chose WA
Go well