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Last Update: September 27, 2014

I wonder how many of us fall for the selling point that the more expensive an item is, then it must be better than a cheaper one ?

Does price always represent quality ? We've all seen items that are exactly the same, yet are being sold at differing prices. Perhaps many here have bought items that have proven to be an expensive disappointment. Others may feel that they have bought a bargain.

How can we be sure that items we are recommending via our affiliate programmes are going to be quality items ? That's a difficult one, because we can easily be dragged into the advertising hype, and unwittingly gain a poor reputation. Are maker's guarantees enough to avoid us sullying our reputations ?

Researching an item can only go some way to establishing potential quality. Short of buying the same item ourselves and testing it over a period of time, we can still end up being undecided regarding giving our recommendation.

Reviews by others can often be misleading.. Reviewers can't speak for everybody, and I am often dubious about some of the more outlandish claims.

If someone were to buy say, an outdoor jacket via our website, and it turned out to be rubbish, where would that leave us ?

One to ponder I think.

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mlshands Premium
That's good advice.
veteran Premium
Thanks for that Michelle. I think we all have to be wary of what we may recommend.
Michelle04 Premium
You do make a very valid claim in your thoughts. I have yet to review something that I have not personally used and have a view or impression about. I would never go by the manufacturer's guarantee, because they say what they have to in order to move products. This is a tough one and yes, reviews can be misleading. Something very worth thinking about. Thank you for the post! Michelle