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Last Update: January 24, 2019

So I absolutely love the Customizr theme at WordPress!!! When I first started to use it I was a bit confused though. I figured I would share some pieces that helped me along the way!

- Make sure to install the Nimble Builder Plugin

- When creating your menu (and this is very important) if you want the header to be the same on each page then create that page as a category.

- If you want each page to be different then create them as pages.

- On my site, aworshippersdevotional.com, I have created my pages as categories to give me the option of posting different content on different pages.

Any other advice you would give when using the Customizr theme?

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Barney44 Premium
Have to agree with you Veronica.

For those who have not taken a look at her site you need to check it out! I had been searching for over a week for a new theme that fit what I originally wanted my site to look like.

After numerous PMs to Veronica I am almost ready to start making the change. Customizr along with Nimble Builder is a great theme if you just don’t try to make it difficult (Veronica will testify to that fact about me).

Watch for announcement soon of my taking down the constuction barrier to return live.


P.S. Have to give a huge THANK YOU to Veronica for her guidance and patience!
Veronica32 Premium
Aww thank you Barry!! The training videos that you sent were also a huge help!