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February 04, 2019
I'm so excited to be able to say that I completed all levels of one of the certification programs! I have had many projects and "hobbies" that I start and then trickle away from due to time or energy. Building and maintaining a website has always been on my "bucket list." It seemed intimidating and I could never bring myself to try it until I came upon WA. So grateful to have built a website that I would be happy to show others! Though there is still so much to put on
January 24, 2019
So I absolutely love the Customizr theme at WordPress!!! When I first started to use it I was a bit confused though. I figured I would share some pieces that helped me along the way!- Make sure to install the Nimble Builder Plugin- When creating your menu (and this is very important) if you want the header to be the same on each page then create that page as a category.- If you want each page to be different then create them as pages.- On my site,, I have created my p
January 20, 2019
So I am SUPER excited right now!!! I had joined WA on the 9th and had upgraded to Premium on the 16th. I put a lot of work into my site so to see that it has been indexed is a huge accomplishment for me! I had tried being patient about being indexed in Google due to amount of other sites there are but honestly wanted to see that badge.Hoping that everyone else is experiencing that same success! How long does it usually take to get indexed with Google? Anyone have any tips on ranking faster?
January 17, 2019
I have been learning so much through WA! I wanted to share what has been going on now that I have been here as a Premium member for about a week now (it has been almost 2 weeks now, woohoo!)Thus far I have created my site, purchased a domain, created 8 new content posts, and gotten through Level 2 of the training.The niche that I am working in includes daily devotionals, bible/book studies, and reflections, which are like devotionals but longer and with more personal information included. I wou
January 14, 2019
So excited that I finally upgraded to the Premium membership today! I ended up waiting until the last day of the special and some of the factors were as follows:- Am I willing to spend the time to create a website that I will want to share with others?- Am I willing to invest money into a new skill that I am developing?- Are there benefits to updating?- Is what I am spending money on a legitmate source?- Based off of the week I have spent using WA is it worth it?So these were just a few of the
January 12, 2019
So I will start by explaining the wrinkled paper image that goes along with this post. Though it has only been one week I have found myself questioning my choice of niche many times already. To be quite honest I am questioning it as I write this post. The crumpled, but flat, piece of paper represents the ideas I have and tend to go back to.Now it is not that I lack passion for my chosen niche but that I question if I, who has recently found this passion, can pull off writing about it. I believe
January 08, 2019
Hello everyone!I've just registered with WA and already can see that it is a truly spectacular site! Everything is really just at the tip of my fingers and I can't wait to learn and then create with the information offered here! I know I will have questions and I want to say thank you in advance to all the helpful people out there!!-Veronica