My 1st Anniversary at Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: February 12, 2016

On February 14, 2015, I registered my domain name with Name Cheap. This was the beginning of a new and adventurous journey that became my new reality. In retrospect, I felt that WA captured my interest, offered me the prospect of growth and development that I was searching for, so without hesitation I signed up.

I have always been curious, willing to learn new things, flexible and not afraid to take on challenges.

Am I having challenges here at WA? You bet! However, in spite of my challenges I am determined to bring positive changes to my life. I am committed to do so.

I am learning from the training and from the community, not as fast as I would like! Maybe, I’m like the tortoise. That said, I remind myself given my circumstances I am doing what I can, as best I can.

It’s been a tough week for me. My doctor’s check up on Wednesday revealed a high blood pressure reading and cardiology issues so I am resting more than usual, taking my meds and doing my very best to keep healthy, and I will.

As I continue to persevere, my biggest challenge is learning the art of social media and marketing strategies. I intend to master both strategies going forward.

All in all, I am appreciative of my progress over the past year. I am slowly building from my website. A year ago, I had no idea of blogging. I have since learned that through writing (blogging) I can help a whole lot of people all over the world from my care giving experience. That training has enabled me to post content of value that captures visitors’ attention. I am now expanding my network of likeminded groups and organizations as they acknowledge and appreciate the valuable content on my site. In addition I am a soon to be author of my forthcoming book for caregivers.

As an affiliate of WA, having experienced exponential growth myself I am now focusing on sharing this amazing online opportunity in an effort to make the lives of people everywhere better and brighter. Everything starts with a first step!

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jphe Premium
good to hear from you,
look after yourself
wishing you every success
bsmith1222 Premium
Keep up the great work!
Kelly49 Premium
I agree, Congratulations!!
barbaraA Premium
Vena, please feel better soon and take good care of yourself.
VenaS Premium
Thanks, will do.
JudeP Premium
Keep up the momentum :)
VenaS Premium
Thanks! Best wishes to you as well.