Does Good Looking Website Really Make a Difference?

Last Update: July 13, 2019

If you haven't noticed there is more emphasis within WA on having good-looking website. If few years ago we would be OK having just a regular blog with a blog roll home page, well, today more WA members revamping their websites to spend a good amount of time on having a good design. Even Jay started talking about this in his coaching lessons.

Have you ever wondered how would professionally designed website improve your traffic, conversions and ranking?

I also had a regular WordPress site with very basic Free WordPress Theme and a blog roll as my Home page for a very long time and I kept on wondering if that was all enough to be an authority in Make Money Online niche or I had to do something about this. In fact this is what my website looked like before.

So while I was getting ready to redesign my website as I wanted to make it more appealing I didn't know what was the best way to go about doing that and then I came across Jerry from who started posting his results on monthly basis in 2018 and also had his website very nicely designed - all done by himself.

Jerry posted training here in WA on all the plugins he used (ThriveArchitect) and what he did, but funny enough I could not design a nice looking website. Well it's not easy. I think designing something is just not my thing.

In February 2019 I got lucky enough where Jerry offered a paid service to redesign anyone's website before he launched his own product. I immediately jumped on that opportunity and he helped me to completely revamp my website and turn it in to a brand versus just a regular blog. It only took him couple of days. So this is what my Home page looks like now:

Clearly it is night and day compare to what I used to have and what my website looks now.

Now the biggest question that everyone might have is: - In real world what does good-looking website really help with and does it really make a huge difference and if it is worth all the efforts. Because there are still many successful WA members who have old style blog roll websites and they do really well.

Perception of Personal Brand is Better

Regardless of your website design we still try to establish our brand in any respective niche, but having a nicely done website helps much better to achieve this. It helps you as a blogger and your website's name stand out much more.

Creating authority in the niche even if you are not ultra successful yet is easier because your website has professional appeal that offers that. Just like when you meet a new person for the first time your first impression is still based mostly on how they look until they open their mouth and start talking to you and demonstrating their intelligence.

I have more website visitors asking me questions about what I offer and what advice I can give them as they perceive me as an expert in my niche. And I see a great deal of that has to do with my new website appearance.

Of course this can all be done with a regular website, but I am just doing my comparison between my old and new website and that is what I noticed.

Bounce Rate and Average Time Improved

That's right. Even though content is still number one factor for website visitors to perform any action but nevertheless I see people started crawling through more than 1 page and visiting: "About Me" page much more often than before. This was a noticeable change compare to my old website.


With my new website design my CTAs became more visually attractive and I see my overall signups improved a lot. I finally start to see more SEO signups compare to PAID ones because my CTAs have some emphasis on me being an expert in this niche and it certainly helps people to make those decisions whether to sign up or not.

Did it Help with Traffic?

Most likely yes but not immediately. Traffic still has to do a lot with:

  • Quality Content
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO (on-page / off-page)
  • Social Media
  • You Tube
  • Domain Authority

How I know that? I didn't all of a sudden get a ton of traffic. Getting traffic is really our marketing efforts. Having a good-looking website helps with visitors who already reached our website and they will be making their decisions based on what we show to them.

Bounce Rate, Average Time spent on the website and people wanting to link to our website certainly help with raking, but it can also be achieved with any website.

I just wanted to give an update and let WA members know that it's totally worth investing time and even money In case, you can't do it yourself in designing good-looking website. Because it clears any doubt if your website could be a factor of not having good conversions or not having enough branding effect on visitors.

In case, you decide to redesign your website I suggest keep it simple to ensure you don't end up with slow website because adding too much graphic and adding lots of features can also work backwards and effect your ranking because Google puts a lot of emphasis on speed of the website and the more plugins we add the slower our website gets even with super fast hosting.

Let me know what you think and if you had thoughts to redesign your website or already did that recently.

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Diana112 Premium
Hi Vasiliy,

Thank you so much for your article. Well done.

I will always be grateful to Jerry, because he is the reason why I am in WA.

At the beginning, although I saw many members create their own website in a rush, just to be out there, I preferred to take it slowly, baby steps, and to invest time in designing myself the website. And I will never regret.

I am very proud of my work, and especially it brings me many visitors, appreciation and benefits.

Thank you once again for sharing.
JKulk1 Premium
Thanks Chris. Very interesting information. Like you, I'm not real good at building a 'Pretty' site. Unfortunately I can't do anything about it at this stage, at least not until I start earning some money. Jim
Vasiliy Premium
I see pretty website is more of an add-on. Quality content is what really determines whether your visitors going to like you or not. You can redesign your website at later stages when you feel a need for that
BGauthier1 Premium
Very interesting post!
Vasiliy Premium
Thanks Chris for stopping by.
I am really impressed with your branding on YouTube. Personal branding really sells well and you are a great example of that.
BenjisDad Premium
Personal brand is the way to go. That way you are never tied to one offer. Your brand get the following and everyone follows that.