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I can't renew subscription with cash credit?

I can't renew subscription with cash credit?

asked in
WA Affiliate Program

I get error when trying to renew my subscription with cash credit. What is happening?

If your last subscription was with CC, this it should be automatic, when would your subscription be due?

11th of April. And it hasn't been renewed. I wanted to renew early, so I started trying a week ago.

If you have credits that you bought then you can use them to pay for your membership fees.

Maybe sending Kyle an e-mail or talking with a Pay Pal rep.

Have you changed your method of payment.

Yes, I did change it.

Hi Andrea!
You joined WA in February (two months ago), so you pay your membership monthly. Please provide more info, what the error message says? Is the same card you used the last month? Have you tried to use another credit card?

I have enough cash credit to pay for subscription but it gives me this error:

Please enter no more than 4 characters.
Please enter no more than 7 characters.
Please correct the errors highlighted above

Then I tried using Paypal and it also produces the same error.

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