When you realize your blog is making you a healthier person

Last Update: July 22, 2017

I chose the niche of holistic health and weight loss, why because I am going through this myself and kind of obsessed about it. I was worried because I know this is competitive field, but I just realized as I was making lunch that I now need to practice what I preach and couldn't believe the meal I was making...all leafy greens, avocados, legumes...what was going on, I realize what I am blogging and learning is reinforcing that I need to be my brand.

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Loes Premium
Go where your heart is Vandana:)
abdul11 Premium
good post
Laurie-ann Premium
I am doing the same thing. I just recently wrote an article on the health benefits of muskmelon - ran out and bought a bunch. But writing and researching for these articles is helping my depression so much. I feel much happier and healthier :) check out the post - maybe it will benefit your site as well