Having the Right Type of Mindset

Last Update: April 11, 2019

Having the right type of mindset is the prerequisite for any success in life because without this type of mindset, you will not be motivated enough to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. So let us define the two types of mindset and choose the right one.

People with the fixed mindset believe that abilities and intelligence are fixed or permanent traits. Therefore, these people tend to not take any actions to gain more knowledge, grow, or develop new skills. Contrastingly, people with the growth mindset believe that intelligence and skills can be acquired or enhanced by reading, practising, attending seminars, or taking any relevant actions. The main challenge, though, is maintaining to have the right type of mindset when you encounter many enemies along your journey in proving your belief due to external and internal factors.

For instance, when people tell you that writing a book is for special and intelligent people only or there will be even times when you will doubt yourself about your writing ability. For these reasons, I have come up with compelling goals for having an online business because I know that these compelling goals will act like as my armor and sword to fight my internal and external enemies along my journey.

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Pastordna Premium
Say it loud!
The right mindset is the key in every business.
Altitude matters a lot.
JM80525 Premium
Great post, Mariefe!

Those around me tend to throw landmines in my path, with great but misguided concern for my financial future, saying I should have more traditional aspirations. To stop being an idealistic dreamer.

My motivation to stay in the growth mindset is to eventually be able to rub their noses in my success. A rather dark and jaded motivation, but hey, it works!

Be well, be wealthy!