My non financial goals

Last Update: Jan 31, 2015


I think it is very important to set non financial goal before you start with financial goals. So here it goes. My first non financial goal is to create at least one blog post per day.

I had a very slow typing speed

When I started out, my typing speed was very slow. I was that type of person that only used one finger to type. I took me a while just to write a 500 word post. Now I can easily create a post with a minimum of 500 words in under sixty minutes.

I typed so slow it sounded like water drops falling slowly in a steel bucket. Now it sound like a crab sunning full speed on a tile floor LOL. If I can create one blog post per day I can easily get 100 post in 3 months and 360 in 1 year. If I do not have time during the week, I can easily create 5 post on a Saturday.

My English was terrible.

I struggled with I are and you is (just kidding) and now I am a little bit better than before. My English is still not perfect, but it's improving a lot. A tip I can give is to copy your post to a word document before publishing it online.

Word has a way to detect spelling and grammar errors.

Target only keywords with a QSR lower than 50.

The lower the qsr, the better. when a blog is still new it is better to target the low hanging fruit first and then you can go for more competitive keywords.

Now what is your non-financial goals?

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My non-financial goal is to beyond my need and emotion.
And feel true happiness withing the passion job.

Hi Valie, I share one of your goals "Improve my English" :) and definitely will add "Target only keywords with a QSR lower than 50"

I have to agree with you there. Non financial goal first then the financial goals will be reached naturally. Keep up the great work!

Thanks Adeng. One step at a time :)

I totally agree. For your content and your words and super key words will bring your financial goal to fruition. I write my article then I space out the sentences and add in more and take out some and remove the spaces and read it and go for a walk around getting a coffee and water and sit and read it and add words and get something to nibble on and read it and sing a song and watch the ad on TV and stare out the window and read it one more time for lost words and then I publish it. For I am not an author and this is the first time ever I have put my thoughts out there for pple to read.

Good luck and may all your words flow out the way you want and need them too.

You would be surprised on how much you can accomplish in a short period of time.

Agreed. Start with the content & don't worry about making money at the beginning. Building up the site is the key thing for the first few months.

It is like putting the cart in front of the horse.

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