I resigned at my job today!

Last Update: June 22, 2016

A problem with mixed feelings!

Today was a somewhat hard and emotional day for me. I have sent my resignation letter to my employer and I will be working at my current job until the end of July.

The thing that I would really miss, is the people that I worked with because they practically feels like family. There where a couple of red eyes which made it even harder for me as it was the last thing that I have expected :(

It is now or never

The thing is that I have followed the training here at WA and I am now earning enough money to finally call it quits. I also know that if I do not do it today I will postpone it over and over again and more years will fly by.

I have tested this business model a couple of times where even the websites that was considered a failure by me are generating a passive income on a monthly basis.

If I have to measure the earning potential of affiliate marketing against that of my job, then affiliate marketing wins with a large differential.

I am 27 and do not have a wife with kids which is the ideal time for me to take this risk. I definitely do not want to wait until I have too many responsibilities until I make this transition.

When I become a grumpy old man some day, I really do not want to look back at my life and regret the risks that I did not take.

I cannot dismiss the potential of AM

Just imagine how many articles I can write in a day if I am doing this full time. If I only write 4 articles a day that would be around 1000 articles per year.

It will be pretty hard NOT to make a decent living if you have more than 1000 articles online to show for.

Wish me luck and I hope that I can see similar post like this from other people here in Wealthy Affiliate :)


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MisterWailor Premium
All the best.
bill808 Premium Plus
It is the dream of everyone here. Thanks for the encouragement.
Valie Premium
Thanks Bill :)
mattmike Premium Plus
Good for you. You made the right choice. I wish AF was around when I was 27. Much success to you in the future, Deanna
Valie Premium
I am going to take this opportunity and just go for it. Not waiting until I am too "old". LOL
olivingstone Premium
Wow that's impressive! Wishing you every success. You can do it! Olive
Valie Premium
Thanks Olive
JudeP Premium
All the best on your brave decision :)
Valie Premium
Thanks Jude.

It is not an easy choice, but it was the best for the long run :)