A Lack Off Emotional Intelligence Might Destroy Your Success

Last Update: February 14, 2016

I cannot remember how I came across this thought, but it has been bothering me for quite some time. I watched a couple of Youtube videos to get a higher understanding on this subject.

There was times when I felt hopeless and just plainly depressed before discovering the effects of emotional intelligence.....

Emotional intelligence is the interaction between your emotional and logical brain.

Here are a couple of examples of how I experience this on a daily basis:

1. I fail everyday but I also win

Some of you might think that I say that I am a failure by saying this but let me explain to you what I mean. You can never be assured that you will rank for all of your keywords because some of the articles that I write are ranking while others are barely reaching the 4th page of Google.

Some articles are losers while others are making me money. The point is that the more articles you write, the more potential first page ranking you will get......

Emotionally I will feel like I have failed, but then my logical brain comes to the rescue and reminds me: "It is a game of numbers Viljoen so control yourself." Thanks brain.

2. My website is 3 months old and I do not make any money from it

I know this feeling just too well and I think that a lot of you can agree with me on this. This is the only thing that I hate about building a website and it is that moment when you log into your Google Analytics account with barely a couple of clicks.

This is frustrating especially if you have written your heart out for 3 months straight and now you even do not have the courage to turn on your computer.

My logical brain will then remind me about this:" Viljoen, you have created a couple of successful websites in the past so be patient you will get there"

If it was not for my logical brain, then I would have given up hope a long time ago. Sometimes you have to listen to your emotional brain with your one ear and your logical brain with your other ear.

This can also work wonders for breakups :)

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krisg13 Premium
This is a great topic. I read a book that you might want to check out. It's called Rising Strong by Brene Brown. It's all about how we struggle to rise when we have fallen that matters, not that we have fallen. That we actually shake ourselves off and get up again anyway. It is a great book.
Saboscar Premium
Hello Valie
This is a really great blog!
Emotional intelligence is definitely a tool to use to help yourself look at things from a different perspective in your own mind but it is also about understanding the emotional needs and feelings of other people - which means you can better understand your customers (and girlfriends!)
Thank you - that was really great!
rosieM Premium
We are many times too hard on ourselves and want that 'success' at this very moment....if you truly feel like a site isn't 'working', then analyze your traffic, your articles, etc. Search out successful sites in the same niche...what are the major differences? You don't want to 'copy and paste' another person's website, but you can learn much about what is working and why.
Fjacobs Premium
When making my first website, I put out so many posts only to figure out through trial and error that I was in a very difficult niche. I used my logical mind and decided to make a new niche which is much more specific and has a lot less competition even though I was emotionally attached to my first site. I completely understand what you mean by having that balance of logical and emotional.