My God I'm completely overwhelmed by all the info! So.

Last Update: February 22, 2017

I don't think of myself as a guy with any specific talents especially when it comes to computers. I can't code or program, I've never built a website or, to be honest, even really written many posts. But I'm someone who lives in eternal hope that something better is on the horizon even though I spend a lot of time daydreaming about it and being too scared to take the first step.

This is why I wanted to return again to Wealthy Affiliate. I didn't have the time to devote to it when I had a quick look several years ago but things have changed and it's time to start again.

So I've spent a couple of weeks having a look around the site, chatting to a few people and getting some follows (I still can't believe that people would want to follow me!) and have begun the first course to get a niche up and running.

I'm on the verge of making a first website in a niche that I'm (almost) sure will be fun and profitable but I'm running into the same problem I had last time. Wherever I turn there are just too many people trying to be helpful! It sounds a crazy thing to say but this is such an active community that I tend to have a read of any post that sounds interesting to me that ends up completely distracting me from what I was supposed to be doing! Although it's all golden stuff that I can use in the future it just gets my head in a complete upside-down-inside-out state that I can no longer concentrate on my task.


I'm going to do what I remember doing when I was (semi)procrastinating writing all my essays for my university course. I'm going to MAKE A START. I'm going to ignore all the new posts and blogs for now and just rigidly follow the courses that Kyle and Carson have set for us here and follow them EXACTLY as they're set out. The website and content will be far from perfect, or even average in my opinion; but the important thing for me will be that I have MADE A START. It will feel amazing to have SOMETHING to show for my efforts here rather than just following everyone's advice at once, tweaking one aspect of my site again and again without actually moving forward. I just feel that's what I'm doing at the moment.

THEN when I have something to show then I can "open the floor" and take advice and see what all you wonderful people think!

The incredible thing is that even though I feel completely stuck at the moment I also feel that I WILL succeed and I WILL make good or even great money in the future. And it's because I'm part of this site! If we work, if we make a start, we will succeed I'm sure of it!

OK all done. Am I making any sense at all? Let me know lol

thank you


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MelaniLukito Premium
Why you can't believe people want to follow you. We can always learn something from everyone. Good luck. Wish the best for you.
AGOgden Premium
That's not surprising, Paul...there is MUCH to learn...just hang in there...and...

Press On!