The Experience: Two weeks in.

Last Update: December 07, 2015

Its over two weeks I joined as Premium at WA. Prior to this I knew nothing about affiliated marketing, websites,ad-sense or a helpful community. These last two weeks has been an adventure: Learning, commenting, socializing, engaging and prospering.

I have never been on a platform where people actual support each other and are wiling to see each other succeed. Generally, well in my experience, people generally are selfish and their greatest joy would be your failure and downfall. So am really privileged to be part of an amazing community.

Hopefully in the next few weeks, I would be making my first few dollars (fingers crossed)

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paulgoodwin Premium
Hello and great to hear you are happy with WA - I am now in week se seven and earning something every day so I will give you a good tip
Learning from mistakes Ok when you have finished a module well go back and do it again as you will pick up something you missed also do not skip a single item if you are not sure then type a question in your dashboard search bay at the top of your home page - best regards Paul
Uwais Premium

Thanks for a good tip. I think I need to do that.
paulgoodwin Premium
Trust me. Have done it three times and still learning new points
Nenad Premium
Yes, we are all privileged to be a part of the community! WA is just the best place for people to learn, help each other, and why not, to make some money! I'm very glad that you found the WA, like all of us. All the best and I'm sure that soon, you will be making your first dollars!