Made My First Sale

Last Update: Jan 15, 2016


"Congratulations, your application to the Associates Program has been approved."

My email read the above and was wondering, I have been using Amazon links on my websites and what does it mean that my application has been approved. I logged in and to my excitement I made my first sale. Even though it was only $1.50 and only been on premium for 6 weeks( I was anticipating my first sale after 12 weeks), I was jumping for joy.

Firstly I would like to thank the Almighty God for making this possible, to Kyle and Carson and everyone at WA for their assistance in achieving this success.

Hope this will be one of many success for 2016.



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That is awesome. Congratulations. Wishing you more successes.

thank you

That's awesome!

Thank you


Thank you

Oh, where is my manners? Congratulations on your first sale.

Thank you

Your website looks good, an improvement from the beginning of the year when you presented it for feedback. At first, I wasn't sure what you sold since I didn't see any banners or anything like that linking to another website/product or service. Then I thought maybe there's links within the articles. Aha! IMO, links within articles (kind of like an internal link but linking to a product instead of another article in website) probably doesn't scream advertising as much and thus gets customers more likely to buy. It probably pays to use a mixture of "internal links" to products as well as a couple of banner-like ads. But in your case, you probably don't need banner ads because you have reviews of products.

Thanks for the feedback :-)


Thank you

Applause, applause, Uwais...fantastic!

Thank you

Way to go, your hard work is paying off. God bless.

Thank you, Ameen

Congratulations Uwais

That is marvellous news, plenty more sales coming your way I am sure. All the best for 2016 and beyond!

Kind Regards


Hi Michelle,

Thank you and all the best to you as well :-)

First of many brother keep learning and improving look at you go!

Thanks bro :-)

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