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Hi to start with I am very glad to be here..
I would like to take a few moments to thank the creators of this Amzing bizopp ..Business opportunity/ System for improvement and wealth.
Thankyou and for all those who make this possible i believe that to be the affiliates..
Many thanks ...

Now who i am, i shall tell you about one of my goals, and a little of how i feel about it.

Oh and please excuse my lack of knowledge or illiteracy guys. I'm a newbie in this Internet of things. Nearly 2 weeks to be honest..bear with me.

My niche what I want to do . I want to to create a website or landing page for affiliates , that increase people's mindset a prosperity type of mindset that enables them to help themselves offers that maybe using affirmations could offer value using certain books that open people's mindset to enable or direct them to Re-train / Rewire the subconscious mind to make them more positive assertive creative, you know like the 21 days get your mind into motion with subconscious programming Automation techniques geared to eliminate obstacles that maybe holding one back from progress. promote wealth using a positive mindset methods and lessons , these type of areas of growth has a lot of potential in the sense that it leads, guides potential affiliates, clients, partners , towards the product that we are selling or promoting all leading back to ourselves , rinse and repeat ..

• I would love to to push and promote those type of advertisements eventually even create my own advertisement.
• How do I drive traffic to that ..how do I insert the working techniques using this system and referral systems please guide me on that..

I'm also in it for the ££s Money of course...
I mean real health is real wealth.

To me it makes sense that money is nothing but the measure of the value that you create for other people. This means, of course, that money flows to the people who are providing the most amount of value
P.S we will get to know each other more on the inside guys peace out!
Kind regards
Jay Aka Ura19
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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
Money I would be ecstatic earning
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
If possible ALL. (if i must state a number then 63hrs)
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Dec 5, 2019
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Ura19 Premium
How much money per month would you be happy earning?

How much money per month would allow you to live the ideal lifestyle?

How many hours per week are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
If possible ALL. (if i must state a number then 63hrs)
Carson Premium Plus
Nice goals Jay,

These are going to take you to a whole new level of being focused, motivated, and dedicated to what you are learning here at WA.

As you work through the training lessons, make sure to ask questions when you have them, and take action on what you are learning. You have a full community of friendly people behind you!

I look forward to working with you :)

Ahimbe Premium
The goals are great; and with the training and interactions with the community, you will be an achiever. I wish the best.
Ura19 Premium
Thank you ...
I am here to learn and to follow from those who know best ... I will do my very best to stay Engaged , Motivated and
j52powell Premium
Creating goals is an important first step. After that, I suggest taking advantage of the well-designed and systematic training provided here at WA. When you have questions, don't be afraid to ask the talented and helpful mentors here for us.

Also, it is excellent that you are willing to make the time commitment to succeed. Good luck with progressing toward your goals.

Best regards,

Ura19 Premium
Thanks Carson .. I appreciate the support.

My Goals may seem Large to some but to me...
All of you in WA make them appear small, and
I'm sure they will keep shrinking whilst my Goals
are Expanding as i progress through the Training and
pay attention to all you guys out there in WA who have an abundance of resources and a wealth of knowledge and lesson's to share.

I'm ALL IN...

Best regards to all WA's

Jay Aka Ura19
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klchang Premium
Thanks, Jay, for leaving a message in my profile and adding me to your network. I appreciate it very much. Instead of replying there, I prefer to reply here.
You are self-motivated and actually do not need much motivation, which is great. You know what you want and you just have to implement and take action.
Have a wonderful journey here and all the best. :-)) KL Chang
RandalStorm Premium
Welcome to premium. I know that when you made the decision to upgrade to premium that it was because you determined to make a success of your new venture. Enjoy the journey, cause that’s what it is. I recommend that you start with the training. I know you are excited and would love to see quick results but be patient.
The training is extremely valuable, and you’ll learn so much. In no time you’ll become acquainted with maybe a brand-new industry you heard about but did not understand. There are milestones to be achieved and aim at them one-by-one. You are also part of a wonderful community that will be your support structure. Participate and ask questions. Do not hesitate to ask, it will save you lots of unnecessary frustration and time-wasting.
That’s a lot said but enjoy the road to success and share your accomplishments with us.
ledrew Premium
Hi Jay and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Premium,

I followed you, I hope you will follow me back.

Now you are premium you get everything you need to build a successful business.

The tools and resources are abundant!

You get to do your website hosting here. no extra cost to you!!

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All my best wishes,
RGerritsen Premium

Welcome to WA Premium, a decision that you will not regret! You have certainly come to the right place for training and support. It is truly incredible.

The community is phenomenal, something that I really have never experienced in my working life. They are encouraging, supportive, motivating, helpful and just generally wonderful to interact with.

We are all rooting for you success, and I please feel free to ask anything at anytime!

Kindest regards

bluemagic64 Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Ura. You will love this platform. Start to learn a lot to become a successful internet business. Just follow the training step by step. Watching the process back in fort, jot down all the most important things is a must. So, if ever you lost easy for you to return back again.

And please don't hesitate to ask.

Have a wonderful day!