First Week-So Far So Good

Last Update: March 17, 2018

Thoughts on my First Week with WA

Periodically throughout the years I have checked into various money-making ideas, programs, projects...whatever name you want to call them today. I do this, mainly, because my "regular job" is anything but regular. As much as I love my work as a PI, there is so much I cannot do with my skills and talent, purely due to financial constraints. Most folks think "Ooh, wow! That's exciting!" when they hear the words "private investigator." Well, sorry to rain on everyone's parade, but it is not what you see in the movies or TV shows!

I wish I could give y'all a front-row seat here. Hmm.... Here is a good example: Too many PIs got caught up in the infidelity fad. A spouse or significant other suspects his/her other is cheating so they hire a PI to "test" the theory. That's the basic strategy of infidelity cases. Most clients do not want to pay the cost of just having the other person followed. So what the PI essentially ends up doing is setting a trap with a lure. Personally, I find that absolutely disgusting, not to mention immoral. "Let me tempt your boyfriend to see if he is cheating." Frankly, that doesn't even make sense!

Bottom line is I just plain will not do those types of cases.

Another thing lots of PIs do is pad their cases with a lot of "ifs and maybes" to continue to draw the client along. Yet another thing I refuse to do. If you pay me to do _____ job, I will do it in a timely, efficient manner and get the results to you readily. Period. I do not play games. There are so many things that so many PIs do, most of which the public is greatly unaware, that push me way out in the fringe. Another quick example is a local PI firm I was hired into had two PIs with two separate clients that were each charged with the same crime, hired by separate defense attorneys, facing the same prosecutor. Rather than ethically follow the law, I overheard them openly discussing their cases/clients together, in front of other staff. Right after that I submitted my resignation.

I just will not be a part of such things.

So why am I telling you all this?

To get to the main point: I, for a long time, have sought something to assist me in additional income so that I can pursue cases of great passion--and necessity. Cases nobody is going to pay me (money) for, but I cannot not pursue them. Make sense?

The bulk of my PI business (the stuff I actually get paid for) relies primarily on Service of Process, Skip Trace, and Background Checks. Back in the boom of busting dirty real estate brokers, I performed lots of PMI fraud investigations. Some of my work even helped take out a couple banks. But those scenarios die out quickly. Then a new Service of Process company rolled into town (locally) with some nifty technology and poached a few big clients. So not only was my venue already narrow, but competition came in to narrow my gate even more.

Which, obviously, narrows my income as well.

Searching for alternative or additional means of income can become quite maddening, particularly when you spend money you do not have (and I know how $50 can seem like $500 at times) for information "promised" that ends up going nowhere fast and none of the "help" is where they said they would be. You know? All the things they chat you up about BEFORE you give them the money?

What brought me here to WA?

Funny story. I happened upon WA while researching someone else. I kept getting emails in my junk folder. ...okay. C'mon, folks! We all check the junk at least sometimes! Anyway... I kept seeing this supposed "opportunity" in these emails so I started searching the web, trying to find information on the company. Quite elusive they were. While performing that search I found a link to WA. I cannot recall the title at this point, but I believe the article was written by Kyle and was simply about various ways to identify a scam when presented with a "money-making" venture. What he said made sense and his article was not high pressure or flagrant, by any stretch. Just simple, straight forward information with a note or two to say, "Hey, check this out." So I did.

Within my first three days--still very much the skeptic--I had my new site/blog up and rolling. Even with the ads from the Amazon Affiliate program. Each step of the way I thought that at any moment I was coming to a point where stuff wasn't going to work unless I paid that $$. Each step of that way, I was proven joyfully wrong!

Sure. I could have stayed at the "starter" level and just rolled out my blog with the ads promoting others' products and services. But, gosh... I am telling you! The wealth of information AND assistance AND the tools, platform, etc--all of it! And the way the info is broken down in easy to follow steps... All other programs I tried do give information, but they overload with too much, and jumble info together to where not a whole lot is clear--except that they want upwards of $50 to "start". But gosh. Lots of the training here was just taking what I already knew about and organizing it, breaking down into easy steps, to implement in a more efficient manner. But lots of this was also new to me--especially the encouragement and contact from everyone. Yes, everyone. And not just the guys that roped me in (jkg)!

When the ticker got down to 1 1/2 days before the intro offer expired, I could not help but go ahead and go for Premium. I figure the ground I had gained thus far was worth at least that much!

Where do I intend to go from here?

Alongside my work as a PI, I am a member of the SIIU (special ops) division of Shatter the Darkness ministries. Between many of the cases we encounter, and the cold cases of missing kids I have been working on for years, I have some unfinished business long overdue, that needs support from another source. More importantly, there are some families missing their little girls....

Thus, I am motivated beyond the stars now that I have found this resource--WA--to be exactly what it claims. Now I can say with more confidence that I know I will complete my missing kids project (Project Angel), and those families will have peace...finally. I know I will be able to grow an income so that I will have more time to be of greater benefit to the ministry.

...and I can do that while chatting (blogging) about fun stuff I love :) Check it out:

If you made it all the way to the end of this babbling brook, you're a special friend! Thanx!

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OLAffiliate Premium
Good for you on keeping with your personal ethics and morals & not going for just the $$. I'm sure that can be rare in your line of work. And bless you for your Project Angel--I'm sure that is hard work but comes from the heart.
Best of success to you here in WA. If you have any questions, there are plenty of people here willing to help.

JasonHeard Premium
Thanks for sharing a bit of your background with us, Lynette. The job of a PI still sounds quite interesting to me.

Not that I will be signing up for it anytime soon :)

Also, I didn't feel that you were "babbling" here, but what I did realize is that you are a great writer.

Keep it up!
HennieSteyl Premium
Hi, Lynette. Well done. I admire a person with sound principals that can't be altered through money.
I want to wish you blessing upon blessing with the work you and the other members are doing at SIIU and through His grace, you will succeed with Project Angel.