What should be my niche specifically?

What should be my niche specifically?

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Thanks to having my last question answered, I'm sticking to my niche regarding autism, intending to post informational content as well as reviews for certain products.


Can you write some informational posts on kinds of gifts that are most meaningful or helpful without mentioned a specific product. You could talk about what autism is and how to help.

Do a google search and see questions people ask
using why is, can i, what is, what if, how. You can also use answersocrates.com

Great idea and I do intend to do that but then when would the posts that would make money come into play? Also thanks for the extremely useful link.

There is no set number of informational posts that should be written, but at least 15 - 20 maybe so you can grow the traffic to your site. You may be thinking that you are loosing sales opportunities, but when traffic grows you will more than make up for what could "potentially" have been lost. Not every visitor will click and buy and even if they do click they still may not buy. .

Overall it has been recommended recently to have 70% of your site posts as informational and 30% product reviews. Search engines like posts that help.

You need both. Some informational posts to build trust and authority and some product posts with affiliate links to make some money.

Thanks for the helpful response.

You're welcome, Umar.

Essentially you are writing more informational posts so that you do not sound so salesy to Google and if there’s a solution, a detailed analysis review post for your visitors to let them make an informed decision whether to go click your links and go purchase the focused item you proposed to solve their issue.


So the page and the name etc should be something autism awareness related more than "best products/gift ideas etc"? because if I do that, then suddenly from being in a pool of virtually no one my niche is something a lot of huge autism organisations are already primarily doing. I don't know what name or specific niche to go with to be able to be in the pool of people looking for products to solve issues to make day to day life autism easier without just being another generic autism page.

It'd be fine if I was able to make an informational page, and then my specific reviews and blogs would be titled best gift ideas or best *insert product name* which could be found with searches on google which wouldn't have issues being drowned in search results alike to mine. If that's the case then I'd be more than fine to be more about information on the surface.

You may start with a siterubix subdomain around a focused niche and build up content and until you are satisfied with your niche and name, down the line have your own dot com, as some affiliate programs do not work with a subdomain. Cost of which is $15 yearly each privacy included. You can then move your siterubix to your dot com applying the move feature found within the site manager which is an easy process.

Also please be aware that your desired dot com domain name may not be necessarily available at time of purchase.

Another reason is that if you made a mistake on a dot com domain, you won't be able to edit the URL, you'd have to purchase a new one.

However it can be and cannot be, for example Apple dot com doesn't sell apples vs tech gear.

Nowadays domains are not so affected by SEO vs writing quality rich content with good choice of keywords, latter of which would rank you in the search engines.

I also suggest following up on the training going forward.

Please follow the training and apply what is taught all is explained within the lessons at the Wealthy Affiliate. How to make money by Kyle Ticking checklists at the bottom, tasks asked of you to complete in order to set up properly and guide you through the process.

That's useful to know although I'm still a little confused on the terms and differences subdomains and domains, or siterubix but I get the general gist and it's especially helpful knowing the dot com domain name isn't so important vs like you said the content and keywords etc so I need not worry as of now about deciding what the name should be more based of. And it's also useful knowing if I understood you correctly that by starting with a siterubix subdomain that the niche and name don't need to be perfect as there is no risk and both can be changed until I'm happy at which point only then I will make the purchase yearly to have my own dot com domain.

So thank you so much again for the help!

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Is this a good idea for a niche?

Is this a good idea for a niche?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Since I'm autistic and am passionate about helping people who are autistic or know any autistic people, I decided to make my niche based on autism. I've decided to be specific

ONE niche, a website. Products and programs can be varied however all must be relevant to the niche.

Thank you for the help!

Keeping things broad opens up your opportunities for things to write about! Amazing niche! I think it's awesome! You can do wonders helping better educate people do they understand how life is for you. And what makes life easier!
Finding your niche is a very big step, now you can run with it!!! So happy for you! Can't wait to see what great things you can do!!

Thank you so much!! Your kind words are definitely appreciated as well as the advice :)) That is the goal to help others using my own experiences to educate using what's helped so thank you for encouraging me to get started on that!

A great niche, Umar and one you can bring real experience to.

I'd keep it broad and use blog posts to hone in on specific aspects and the products that go with them.

That's great advice! Really helpful for both deciding my niche and how to go about blogging. Much appreciated :)

You're welcome, Umar.

Congratulations on writing about your passion and finding your Niche. I am too new to give good advice but maybe start with a broad range. Then as you find out what products are popular, you can narrow your Niche down to one or two products?
I hope that helps. If not, there are many others here with more experience than me.
Good luck, and I wish you much success.

Thank you so much! That's actually great advice and a good way I should consider going about it, not limiting myself and leaving myself open. Thanks again :)
Good luck to you too and I wish you all the success also.

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