10 Minute Challenge

Last Update: Apr 14, 2020

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So who's up for a challenge?

You know how it is, you wake up and think, yep, today's the day I'm going to make money with my online business. You sit down at your computer and realise you need to go through the training and then a gremlin appears, yep, it's Mr. P (Procrastinator)

You've met Mr. P on many occasions and he always has the solution to your problems.

Get yourself a cup of coffee and toast then you'll be ready for the task ahead. He's so sure of himself, there's never a doubt so we take Mr. P's advice.

We have our coffee and toast and sit down at the computer again. But...Mr. P has some more advice, you need to tidy up the office/work area then you'll have a clear mind.

Of course you don't want to displease Mr. P so you set about clearing up. Mr. P is very pleased with your progress and suggests you take a little break, after all, you've earned it.

By the time you've done all that Mr. P has asked, checking your emails, looking at your Facebook account, checking your Twitter feed, seeing your friend's Instagram photos, etc, etc, your day has slipped by and you realise you've done nothing except please Mr. P!

Now, if you're sick of Mr. P I suggest before Mr. P takes over, that you write for 10 minutes. Use a timer, I don't want you to do more than 10 minutes. If you manage that then go for that coffee or whatever.

If you've read this far, go write now...when you've done that, then in the comments put up the title of what you've started to write about. You can use this post as your guardian angel if you like. (I know, a bit far fetched, but, how else are you going to tame Mr. P?)

If you think this may benefit others here, then please, by all means, put a link to this in your post. After all, it's much better when you have a lot of people doing this. You may get inspired by people's comments here and keep the ball rolling.

Take a deep breath and write.

Kind regards,

Recent Comments


Hey friend, you love your challenges.

I will take up your challenge as 10 mins out of 24 hours is not a long time. Once you get the bug when doing your 10 mins you will probably find that you will be so engrossed that you will forget about the time and keep going.

I know another Mr P but you don't need to know about that one lol.

Speak soon. xxxx

I write every morning, just in my journal. I do a quick gratitude journal and a 750-word journal. Getting me much better at getting my thoughts out of my head.

Now to come up with ideas for here.

Hi Michael Just shift the coffee machine next to the computer, problem solved.

The solution coffee and writing on the go.

I know the one I have been in lock down for about 3 weeks, just plucked up the courage to venture into the old office, and fire up the desktops.

Selective vision is a great thing when it comes to that pile of papers on the desk.

Great idea Alexander. Keep those desktops fired up as well. :). :). :)


Mr P is an absolute swine Michael, I think we've all had the misfortune of having him as a houseguest. Thing is, how to get rid of him? That's the question!!!
Answers on a postcard please🙂

You're so right, Mark, lol!!! I've tried getting him evicted without much success. If you do find out, please let me know.


If I do find out how to get rid of him permanently I'm gonna write it up in a PDF and use it as a lead capture for the list in my autoresponder Michael!!

This is great advice! I had the same problem with Mr. P and I would tell myself one paragraph rather than 10 minutes. However, I never thought of sharing it with the community. This post will help countless members overcome Mr. P all because you thought of sharing this great piece of wisdom! Thanks Michael!

Thanks, James. It's amazing the amount of Mr. P's I've met and they all seem to do the same job, distract us from our real goals!


Don't let Mr. P fool you... He's always the same guy... He is only ONE ENEMY... but he comes in MANY forms!

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