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The show was a success! We all gathered to watch the show together.From Left to Right: Me, Lizzy, Jackie and Annette.So I got a message the other day from my sister. It was from Facebook. I opened it up and it said…Elizabeth Labadie & Jacqueline Labadie booked roles on ABC's The Middle!I looked again and I said that’s on prime time TV! And those are my nieces!We are so excited for them; the show will be on this Wednesday April 27, at 8pm.They have put in a lot of work to get th
Well, I hope to get Back here to Ford Field, Detroit Michigan.Yes, I am a Lions fan. Yes I know you are rolling your eyes... I am a season ticket holder, stop with the eye rolling, I get it. But me and my back can take it. (Maybe that's where the pain is coming from). I missed the last half of the season last year because I could not drive down there due to the pain meds I was on. I know, I did not miss much.But... The 2016 season is not going to be like the past seasons for the Lions, the
Well, I hope to get back here to the SOO LOCKS.Another family road trip and it too was another rough trip on the back and lower half of my body. But it was well worth it.The Soo Locks, Sault Ste Marie was opened in 1837We got a glimpse of maritime history at the Soo Locks, where...FreightersBargesTugboatsAnd more....drop 21 feet between Lake Huron and Lake Superior every day and night.We were lucky enough to catch a few freighters go by when we were there. Such an amazing site. I new about t
Well, I hope to get back here to Wall Drug in South Dakota. Yes this is one of our stops from last years road trip. Thanks again Annette for doing much of the driving. Back hurt like heck again.So, who hasn't been to Wall Drug Store in SD? A drug store, gift shop & eateries are some of the amenities on hand at this 76,000-sq.-ft. sight.Address: 510 Main St, Wall, SD 57790Phone:(605) 279-2175Hours: Check website - hours vary, as you drive down the highway you s
Well, I hope to get back here to the MIS Speedway in Michigan. Again, I knew it was gonna hurt like heck, but the NASCAR drivers only come around twice a year. I took my two boys to a race a couple years ago and they had a blast. My mom got mad because we did not take her (she got me in to racing when I was young.) It was spare of the moment idea and the boys tickets were Free! We got her tickets for her birthday for the upcoming June race in 2015. As you can see in the photo, clouds, clo
Well, I hope to get Back here to South Dakota. This was part of a long road trip we took in 2015. Pretty much the breaking point on the lower half of my body numbness. I received another steroid nerve block shot a week before the trip. It wore off half way thru. It is Great that my wife likes to drive, cause we would not have made it without her driving. Anyway I am staying positive and hope to get Back here soon... The oldest hand-hewn log commercial building in South Dakota.On the Natio
The Fort Gratiot Light House. Kids loved it. Lots of stairs to get to top. But I made it once before and I hope to get back here at the top again.It is the oldest lighthouse in Michigan.And its just another place to visit in the Great Lakes State of MichiganMake sure that you bring closed toe shoes. They will not let you climb the lighthouse in flip flops or sandels. Trust me on this one, it is a pretty good climb to the top of it.Let me know if you have been here before...Or let me know abou
April 15, 2016
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My daughter asked me a question like the one in title and I said sorry honey, I already did that class and I swore I would not have to do it again. After awhile she got the joke and the answer. Just goes to show that anyone can solve a problem, no matter how big or small