I Am Not a Hard Worker

Last Update: August 22, 2017

I am not a hard worker. I don't really understand what that means. Working hard, hard working, etc. Does not bring any pictures to my mind. Working diligently, effectively, constantly, consistently, etc., these I understand and cause a picture to form in my mind and I can see myself working constantly on a project I am very interested in. I am currently working on a book and I have been diligently working on it daily. This is the only way for me to complete it, so I make sure to give it at least an hour everyday tuning, improving and editing what needs to be done. I can feel the end is coming closer to my goal of self publishing.

The encouraging part is that the time and effort of wanting the best look and feel of my book, some would say that is "hard work", but, to me, it is consistency and focus on my goal that is a test of my sincerity toward my desire for completion of this book. To me, that is not hard work. Just love for a niche. Mine is writing. What is yours?

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HelenpDoyle Premium
I think 'hard work' is a catch all phrase that might contain any or all of how you work. On the other hand I have seen many people 'working hard' and accompish nothing. Some even try to look like they are doing this instead of nothing.

Imagine working so hard to do nothing when they could have put the same effort in to actually achieve something.
Rich908 Premium
If you love what you do .. and do what you love how can it be hard work?
Twinsmother Premium
thanks for the comment. I am in agreement 100%.