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Last Update: October 06, 2016
  1. Updating as I find them: The ABC's of My Research

Doing research on ways to have a work at home business, coping with stress, or just checking my emails, I have read many phrases, anecdotes, purposeful sayings, etc.

When I find something that has caught my attention because of its truthful and meaningful words, I usually save it and sometimes I edit it to my liking. (misspelled words or the correct word –example: except /accept).

With that in mind, below is something I received through email with a title of


I am sharing this information here on Wealthy Affiliate as my way of being a help to myself first and then to others struggling to make a difference in their lives.

Comments both negative and positive are welcomed.

One more note, I am starting alphabetically just as a "something different" I like to do. Adding as I find them (can be put in order later).

Addition to this Title-Do This:

Plan , Prep, and Perform. This came from Dreamer56 here at WA.


Be This:

Always Aware of your surroundings-

Alert and attentive in unfamiliar surroundings

Able to cope with change-be it negative or positive.

Assess chaotic situations with patience-Let not anger be your guide

Be a friend-Who doesn't need one sometimes?

Be a gift- giver-Buy flowers for yourself, a friend, etc.-Ahh, that is a good uplift in mood.

Be committed to a purpose-Personal or not

Be consistent with work habits-for good results

Become more organized-work on it steadily

Be ready to listen-Everyone needs someone to listen to them, sometime.

Be calm through any chaotic situation

Connect to a source of support and power

Committed to a vision-if you can see it, you can believe it

Continue to believe in self

Control any negative emotions

Concentrate on what really counts-

Cope with what you can't control

Determined to keep on moving forward

Diligently work for success

Dedicated to strong and important goals

Enrich lives with good-

Entertain thoughts of positivity

Educate "self" first

Enjoy being alive

Focused on your work

Be a Friend

Friendliness is always helpful

Be Mindful of who you are

Uniqueness in writing


Useful content in writing, gift giving, etc.

There are more I am sure. Maybe we can continue collectively to end at the letter "Z" . I look forward to your responses. Thank you and have a great day.

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Twinsmother Premium
Greetings to all WA family. I have added another Be This/Do This. It is from Dreamer56. The three P's. I was intrigued with what she wrote so I want to add it to the list. Check it out and add to it. Thanks.
Twinsmother Premium
Greetings to all. I have made additions to this listing. If you want to add some "Be This", positives, send it to me and I will add it in or just post it here with the title of Be This. Enjoy.
KatieMac Premium
certainly looking at it in a different prospective , good positive points to focus on thank you
Twinsmother Premium
Thanks for the comments Katie. More will be added I hope by others here at WA. And you of course. Enjoy.
MPollock Premium
Creative post thanks
Twinsmother Premium
Thank you for the comment and you are welcome.
Twinsmother Premium
you are welcome MPollock. Feel free to add to the list. and thanks for the comment.
theresroth Premium
This is a highly workable set of solutions, thanks so much!☺
Twinsmother Premium
Thanks for the comment Theresroth, and you are welcome