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I have done a little bit of everything. I have worked with and raised children, gold mined, help my dad in his machine shop, done bookkeeping, ran my own business, completed my bachelors degree to name a few. I love doing crafts and genealogy. I have been out of work since finishing my bachelors degree (over qualified I am told). I lost my mom a few months ago and need to get back into the swing of life. I enjoy doing genealogy and seeing the joy of the families when they learn of the family history. The last book I completed was over 500 pages.
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tmarchido Premium
Welcome, Welcome! You're going to have a great time here! Nowhere else will you find such great people that are so willing to help and encourage you to do your best!
Thank you John. I look forward to the wealth of knowledge I will be able to draw from and hopefully share what I have learned through trial and error :)
John Dough Premium
Welcome to WA. There are many knowledgeable and helpful people here willing to help so don't hesitate to ask. Best of luck to you.
Hey there, and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

I'm Bob Sheffield, and I am here to help you along the way. If you ever have any questions or need help with anything, PLEASE let me or one of the others know.

We are all here to learn and help each other.

As a new member, you should first check out the (Online Entrepreneur Certification) getting started course (Level 1). This is a task based course that will get you taking action on the tasks that will lead YOU to building web assets.

P.S. Don't forget to stop by the chat, and say HI!
Kyle Premium
Hello there! Would just like to introduce myself. I am Kyle, co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate and I am here to help you out if you ever need anything or need to be pointed in the right direction. Don't be afraid to ask questions when you need help as there are a ton of awesome people here within the community. :)

See you around!