My Progress Building My Solar Power Site After More Than Two Weeks

Last Update: May 29, 2016

Insights After Two And Half WeeksBuilding My Solar Power Website

It's hard to believe its been 2.5 weeks since I started with WA. I have never through a

more detailed and exciting course. Thanks to WA and its members, I now know success is just around the corner..

I just finished course two-lesson 9. Each day I fill more confidant about the growth of I look forward to publishing additional posts and seeing what what lesson will educate me to the next level.

My solar enery website has blossomed into an ever changing educational depot for adults and their families. As I become an authority on solar power, my site will show the diversity of solar information that will soon create visitors and sales.

Success Story

One success story that seems to play in my mind is how I created along with WA and members, is learning how to be an effective writer when posting and creating pages for solar power information.

Making the solar power information fun and educational when read by viewers. Also understanding photos have a big part in the story telling or narrative of your post.

Plans And Goals During The Next Three Months

I plan to finish all WA courses within the next three months. At that point, should be fully functional with affiliate products to sale. I hope my site ranks on the first page for each keyword I have placed.

Plans And Goals During The Next Months

After 6 months my goal is to have some sales from affiliate products through increased visitors per day. Also continuing posting on aregular basis each week and replying to member posts.

Six months will be the bench mark to additional free and paid advertising to grow awarness of I am very exciting thanks to WA and its members that success is truly attainable if you have the right mentors.

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Great goals, wishing you the best of success! :)
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