New Pinterest affiliate Programme?

Last Update: May 15, 2016

I've only recently got into Pinterest and, as yet, have no idea what I'm doing there! However, I came across this article, which may interest those who are more advanced than me.

I recall they killed off third party affiliate links earlier this year, because spammers were climbing in, and I wonder if they lost a heap of traffic as a result. Perhaps this is an attempt to generate more activity.

Let me know in the comments what you think.

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Ericabried Premium
Interesting that Michelle Wilson has joined their board. Will be intrigued to see more about their own affiliate program.
Tuze Premium
I've got my eye on it .... :-)
CathyLou Premium
MohdAnwar Premium
It is part of the game boss.
They need more traffic to their website, More Traffic attract Affiliate Marketers resulting more traffic and spamming. More spammer lot of Nuisance and affiliate link Ban.
Affiliate link Ban, No spammer, no Affiliate link , no traffic.

What to do boss, Again allow affiliates.............
Finally Affiliates are King.
Tuze Premium
You're right but I think this is about their own affiliate programme - I wonder how that would work.
KayWinkler Premium
Sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing.
Tuze Premium
My pleasure!