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I came across this useful looking plugin today and wondered if anyone here has any experience with it. It's free with some premium upsells and interests me as a way of adding premium features to my free WP theme. seem to be plenty of installs, favorable comments, and lots of features. I'm guessing it works OK, but are there any downsides, like slowing your site for example?
A rather interesting article from Softpedia told me something else I didn't know (one more drop from the ocean of my ignorance). It seems, although the practice is allegedly no longer common, that some theme developers embedded plugins within the code for their themes.This, of course, makes the usual method of updating plugins unworkable. And any users of those themes in ignorance, presumably. Responsible developers mentioned in the article include ThemeForest and Mojo Themes, although there ar
I guess there will always be folk around who think that 150% return is what they've been waiting for all their lives, and no-one has told them "if it sounds too good to be true there's a good chance that it is".Hence the latest Ponzi type scheme that is sweeping through Facebook (but gathering grumbles already). I've written about Ponzi and other scams before on my website and my cynicism knows no bounds, but you might want to avoid being tempted by this one. Here's a link to a Daily Telegraph
I've only recently got into Pinterest and, as yet, have no idea what I'm doing there! However, I came across this article, which may interest those who are more advanced than me. recall they killed off third party affiliate links earlier this year, because spammers were climbing in, and I wonder if they lost a heap of traffic as a result. Perhaps this is an attempt to generate more activity.Let me know in the comments what you think.
Who invented the intensely irritating pop-up CTA?There you are, reading something you find interesting, you reach a certain point on the page and, BAM, a shouty pop-up appears wanting you do something.Well, I was already doing something. I was engaging with your content, and I was getting quite interested in reading more of your stuff, but you have intruded on my train of thought and, frankly, p....d me off.There's really no need to slap me in the face with your CTA. If your content is good eno
I'm a bit security conscious, not quite obsessive, but heading that way.So I was wondering why we only have an 8 character password securing our WordPress sites - 8 digits is not hard to crack if you are from the dark side, and guessing the user name does not need much thinking time.Where security matters, I'm not really happy unless I have a 12 digit password and have changed the user name to something less predictable.I realise that I can click the reset password thingy within WA now and agai
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The first maintenance release of WP 4.5 is is out. This fixes 12 bugs and the full release notes are at who had issues with the Twenty Eleven theme will be happy as will those wirh Tiny MCE getting stuck in some Chrome versions.Don't forget to backup before you update!
Breaking news this morning is that UK based web hosting company 123-reg has accidentally deleted a number (not yet specified) of client websites and may not be able to recover them all.There have been a number of announcements over several days from 123-reg, starting with the news that there was 'a connectivity issue' and subsequently upscaling to 'customers who have local backups are advised to rebuild their sites'.Ouch. What about the trusting innocents without a local backup?One of the clien
Jay's training never fails to inspire me. Not only does he pass on new stuff (well. new to me anyway) and different insights and angles into stuff that I sort of knew about, he always leaves plenty of food for thought.More than anything though, Jay has boundless enthusiasm for what he does. He clearly loves his work and loves passing on his knowledge and experience to others. Due to the time difference I never get to join in with his sessions live, but I do watch the recordings as they're avail
Well, that's what I did when I started. I poked around the available themes without having a clue what anything meant or what I was looking for. In the end I settled for the solid but uninspiring Twenty Sixteen. It has not let me down, but once you feel like getting creative - well, you know how it is.So I had another look in the theme shop and picked out a sexy looking candidate. Well, that didn't work because it messed up my infant site - not in the preview, mind you, just in the real thing.