Business Building Secrets - The 8 Step Plan

Last Update: Jan 28, 2020

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Business Building Secrets - The 8 Step Plan

Step 1 - Goals and Dreams?

What’s Your 2020 Goal and Dream?

Write it down on a 5x3 Card and read it in the morning when you wake up and in the evening before bed.

Method: speaking to yourself in present tense; imagine you had already achieved your goal and

Here's the example:

"I have in my possession the blue vase"

"I have sponsored 5 personal members and I have in my group 15 new members on this day

the X of X."

See Example post 'My Blue Vase Story' for the success story using this method:

My Quotes:

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile dream or goal”.

"Financial Success = Dream + Opportunity + Working Smart."

Step 2 - Make Some Commitments

Make a Commitment of an Amount of Money and the Amount of Time you will devote to your business.

Step 3 - Make a List of People

Make a list of your perfect target customers.


Build a list of target customers using digital marketing.

Step 4 - Contact & Invite (There are various methods you could use.)

Use the phone to contact and invite prospects to view your business presentation.
Use Email and broadcast an email to your list.
Use SMS text to contact and invite.
Use Facebook messaging to contact and invite.
Use Facebook Ads to attract and invite.
Use YouTube videos to attract and invite.

Step 5 - Show Your Plan (S.T.P.)

Face to face presentation
Online video presentation (YouTube or Vimeo)
Live or Recorded Webinar presentation. (Zoom)

(Sell your idea, product or service using video marketing)

Step 6 - Follow Through

This can be done using face to face follow up;

Ask the prospect to attend a group meeting;

Use email follow up;

Use video marketing;

SMS marketing;

and even using a phone call;

You could give some bonuses to help your prospect make a decision.

Step 7 - Help Them To Get Started Right (in WA for example)

- Use the company's system!!!

- Be A 100% user and promoter of the company and products.

- Attend all group meetings;

- Attend training regularly;

- Use the companies tools and resources.

- Show the presentation one-on-one and in a group setting.

- Duplicate Good Things!

- Develop Your Thinking. Read Good Books (Positive Attitude & Motivational);
Listen to motivational audio and videos;

Step 8 - Help New Members to Complete Steps 1-7;

in doing so they will be able to duplicate you.

- Repeat the Process


“Don’t let anyone steal your dream.”

To your success,

Digital marketer; investor; fundraiser; legacy builder and also known as Tutorman.

Helping people to help themselves and freeing the world!

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Awesome post. Thanks for sharing!

Being able to take the goals and read them at a glance is perfect. Then work on the list that you have created and it will be a great day for sure.

Great post, goal setting is a really important tool.
writing them down on cards is a great way to always have them with you.
These days we can also have them written down on our phone.
All the best
Darren :)

Thank you for sharing!!
Goal setting is very important in business!!

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