The end of Course 2!

Last Update: January 30, 2017

Well, here I am, 2 months later (give or take a day or so) reviewing my progress within WA and my online marketing business.

Thanks to Feigner for the introduction to WA and for your help and support along the way. Phil (aka Feigner) has been a fantastic mentor, quietly encouraging me and helping me, thank you!

There's a host of people within the WA community who have also been influential on my short but long journey - is it only 2 months? It feels like I've been here a lot longer, everyone has helped to make me feel at home and so very helpful.

In 2 months, I have now created a website, filled with pages and posts, received positive comments for this, given other people positive comments, helped some new members out with queries and problems, made some new friends, what an experience!

As noted in my bio, one of my hobbies is photography so after a bit of indecision (unlike me!!!) the niche I settled on is linked to this, but a specific area which I am relatively experienced in, taking unusual photos with the Lensbaby Optic Swap System on my Olympus E400 camera.

That was the best decision I have made, as I am relatively comfortable with writing the content, allowing me the time to follow the training within WA, understanding QSR, Keywords...grasping the concept of what I am undertaking.

Working the 8.30-5pm job also takes it's toll, as it is a very demanding role, I then find it hard to post as regularly as I perhaps could, but with time, hopefully this will be easier.

My niche won't earn me much money, this I know, as the camera is now long obsolete and I have yet to learn about incorporating sales links into my site to generate an income but what I am growing rich in is experience, in designing my posts/pages, writing content and reaffirming my understanding of my craft, photography.

My ultimate goal? Create my next website which will be to sell my photos on, The domain has been bought in readiness for this.

I know that there will be highs and lows to come, my other half is a very patient person and wants me to succeed; to be happy.

So thanks Kyle and Carson for creating WA and I am looking forward to starting Course 3 with much anticipation and excitement!

Thanks for reading and best wishes for your online success.

Kaz :-)

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annie58 Premium
What a great post-thank you.
Turbogirlie Premium
Hi Ann,

Thanks for the lovely positive comment!

I wish you every success with your online journey.

Kaz :-)
viyee Premium
Lovely post, I am glad your enjoy your journey. Wish you all the best! :)
Turbogirlie Premium
Hi Peony,

Thank you for your lovely words and thoughts.

I wish you every success with your online business.

All the best,

Kaz :-)
feigner Premium
congratulations, kaz, on achieving another milestone.
you have achieved a great deal in a short time and have stuck at it.
the best way to see if you really understand a subject is to teach it. if you have gaps in your knowledge this is an ideal time to fill the gaps.
the training here is ultimately geared towards selling others products (affiliating) but having your own products to sell is even better as you get to keep all of the money.
stick at it and you will reach your goal.
have fun on your online journey
Turbogirlie Premium
Hi Phil,

Thanks for the introduction, mentoring and ongoing support - I appreciate how difficult this is whilst you are managing your own websites at the same time - you should congratulate yourself as well!

I wish you all of the success you deserve with your online ventures.

Kaz :-)
Catwoman1459 Premium
Congratulations on your progress. Sounds like you have a good solid plan and I wish you much success with it.
Turbogirlie Premium
Hi Cathy,

Thanks so much for your kind message!

Wishing you every success for your online venture!

Kaz :-)
Fushniki Premium
Nice, I love that you are already looking to expand beyond your first site!
Turbogirlie Premium
Thanks Greg!

Wishing you all the very best for your online success!

Kaz :-)