Stuck in a rut!

Last Update: February 21, 2017

Finally, after what seems to be an eternity, I've created my post for Course 3 Lesson 1 but it's made me think about my choice in niche and overall capacity to do this and work the corporate 9-5.

My niche is the Lensbaby Optic Swap System with an Olympus E400 camera.

2 problems here really, the Lensbaby system is quite specific and a very particular choice in photography, not everyone appreciates the uniqueness of the lenses and secondly, my E400 is an obsolete camera, therefore very difficult to write about and generate interest.

I have had to diversify already within my website, taking it from the idea I had to expand it as I can see a very early end for it otherwise, which is disheartening.

My day job is very demanding mentally at present, so am finding I am too tired to concentrate on WA.

My mentor, Phil, aka Feigner, has been an absolute rock helping me through this tough time and I am now hoping that as I have posted tonight (page 13 - at least its out there...) I can begin to see the light again.

However, in writing my post it has made me realise how much has sunk in from Courses 1 & 2 so that's great!

So, in choosing your niche, I would choose something you are passionate about, but choose wisely, how many posts can you create on your subject, how can you monetise this, can you affiliate it?

Happy blogging!

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annie58 Premium
Only way to go..up!
Turbogirlie Premium
Thanks Annie!
RHBarlow Premium
You are right be passionate about your niche.
Turbogirlie Premium
Thanks Bobby!
feigner Premium
hi kaz, well done for getting the post out.
i know you have been working hard and it is very difficult to juggle both your job and you business.
as you say you have started course 3 and have retained a lot from course 1 and 2, so you have learned a lot of valuable information about how to setup a site and starting seo.
having a quick look at our site there are a few posts waiting to be written
on the wide angle lens
the creative aperture discs
the macro adapter
and the fisheye
others could include
what makes a good picture - in your opinion either as standard or with the lensbaby
with regards monetising the site, can you look up the training you did abd find out whether that has an affiliate program or another training course that has?
again another post on training
as you say the camera is now no longer sold, but available on the second hand market? or if you could pick a camera now which one would you choose?
you could, as you like it affiliate adobe
are there any accessories, tripods, stabilisers or anything related which you might use to assist setting up or taking the pictures
i hope you are still having fun with it even though it is hard work.

Turbogirlie Premium
Hi Phil,

Thanks for your help thus far and for what you have written in response to my post.

I need to get back into the training, as lesson 2 of course 3 is about affiliating, so maybe more will then gel and become clearer, so I will feel less in a rut.

As you say, there are a few more Lensbaby lenses/accessories out there that I can post about. A lot of this can be done by my own research as I own some of the items you list, with the longer days I can take some photos with these, then write this up on my website.

Being honest with you, I have wondered if I have chosen the right path with WA, no fault in the training on internet marketing, but not everyone is cut out to do this.

However, I am proud of the fact that I managed to get my post out there last night, perhaps I just need to rethink where my site is going and adapt a bit, think outside of my box.

Wishing you every success in your online journey and thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help me.

Kaz :-)
Marlena1 Premium
I also want to say that I can so relate to you. I too have been working hard in my job and very tired when I get home so haven't been great at consistency.
Turbogirlie Premium
Hi Marlena,

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my post.

It does help to know that you can relate to the problem of consistency due to the commitments we have.

As Phil (Feigner) points out, there are a few more posts left in this site. I was looking at it as a glass half empty...

I hope that you have the online success that you attain towards and have a very enjoyable time in WA.

All the best.

Kaz :-)
Marlena1 Premium
That is great advice. I wonder if there are things that are related peripherally to your topic that you could eventually add.