My first Blog Post.

Last Update: January 08, 2015

I joined WA about 1 month ago and went premium 2 days ago. At first I was so excited and enthusiastic with all the information and help at hand, that I almost reached level 10 in a few day's, but I had to stop myself and think of how much information I had actually taken in. The answer was, not much. I have been trying to run too quickly instead of walking carefully.The times I have said this to other people, I do not know, So I have just taken a bit of my own advise and gone back to do a little revision from level 4, I think I'm OK up to there. I have been so eager to earn money online that I got distracted from how to get there.

I look at the posts most days and see all the new members signing up. I hope my comment in my first blog of my mistake, will be helpful to them, and take one step at a time.

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SergioG Premium
Hi Allen, good blog you have here. I can relate to what you experienced, it happened to me too. And just moving one step at a time is an excellent advise. I completely agree with you!
Labman Premium Plus
Congratulations on moving up to Premium.

Yes, it is easy to consume the lessons. Focus on doing.
I have found that 3 times is the optimum for each module.

When I do them I first watch the videos and read, then I go back and click on any links. Finally, I do the tasks.

Of course, referring back while doing the tasks will help too.