Correct Mindset.

Last Update: January 09, 2015

Having beaten my eagerness to run before I can walk, I have been advised to get into the right mindset. Setting out a set schedule seems to be a good way foreword and sticking to it, by only allowing myself 2 hrs a day. At the moment I'm waiting for my domain names to propagate, I think is the correct terminology, (if this is the wrong terminology, can some one please advise me, lol). As they say, content is king, I have plenty of that, I'm just looking foreword to have somewhere to put it.

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rocknrolldr Premium
I think you are being realistic. I built 3 websites here for practice more or less. I think I will purchase a domain today and put one up on the servers. Propagate is about as good a term as any. I also have an old website I use for a test bed back in the day it was ranked number 1 on the old Webcrawler (the first major search engine prior to Google, my have things changed!!) and one on AOL search that made me quite a bit of money. The hardest part of this for me right now is wrapping my head around customizing WordPress Themes to have the look and design I want. Once i put one on the servers that should be the next activity. Good post good luck!
Tungsten Premium
Thanks for the comment, Wrapping my head around word press is my next hurdle, after I get my nameserver set up, haveing a bit of a nightmare at the moment, but with all the help on WA I'm sure I'll get there.