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Last Update: April 11, 2015

Well, I am right at the end of Course 2 lesson 10. This is my first blog (ever) apart from my blog/home page (it is apparently a blog, but it is also the front page people see when they go to my site.) I find that issue quite hard, but I am going with it referring to it as a blog/home page.

So far I have done very well quite fast. I have 4 websites, two that I own (the domain of) and two that I intend to buy. All 4 have been brought up together, but none have products yet. I am looking forward to fulfilling that bit, but better to get the ground work underway properly. I can also say I have enjoyed being an active new member of this community. It is quite nice to see one's rank improving for good work, and chatting to others.

The last thing I must do before moving on to Course 3 is see whether I can be of any help to any beginner (or anyone stuck), which feels cool considering I was a beginner about 1 week ago. So anyone who thinks they will never get their website set up, never mind quite soon, think again and push on. You will be pleased you did, sooner than you think.

I don't know when the money happens, people I have asked have been a bit coy, but I am hopeful that it might start as soon, or soon after I get my products up via affiliate programs; which I am assured from Kitkats, a lovely member here, that this topic is up and coming.

Good luck and best wishes to you all.


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neilrc Premium
You're doing great so far, Susan! The earning money part comes at different times for people because there are variables to consider.

Some people might progress quicker than others with their online businesses, where as others will take things slowly until success happens.

The money is all down to the individual at the end of the day. I've heard about some people making money after 30 days, and others after 3 months.

Simply follow the lessons, provide value and the success will follow :)

TSmithers Premium
You've been really busy. Thats great.
danbarth87 Premium
Awesome job!
joella Premium
I am in the same boat with you only started April 8 2015 so just trying to get things set up. good luck with your pages and products.
IanT Premium
Well done for completing course 2. I'm just a little ahead of you, on middle of course 3 and nearly three weeks in.
Tsusanami Premium
And how is it going Ian? Have you set up your products?