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April 23, 2015
Well, I got to the end of course 3 about half an hour ago. I seem to have laboured so, just to learn how to add affiliate links and Adsense etc. Then n the case of Amazon and Adsense I have actually been declined, so it seems a bit of a waste of time. I'm so annoyed with Adsense that I won't bother with them anymore, especially since I learned, as par for the course, that the Adsense revenue isn't all that fantastic. So so glad to be moving on, but I'm not sure this business is for me. Another
April 14, 2015
I have just got back on the bus really after a few days really striving and not getting far, it has been a real struggle to get my head around links and banners, I could have quit. Then all of a sudden this afternoon I managed to get some links and one banner into my websites, between the two. The links are quite subtle within some text on my product pages. Also there is an adverts page in each with a banner. I don't know if I'm dong things right,
April 11, 2015
Well, I am right at the end of Course 2 lesson 10. This is my first blog (ever) apart from my blog/home page (it is apparently a blog, but it is also the front page people see when they go to my site.) I find that issue quite hard, but I am going with it referring to it as a blog/home page. So far I have done very well quite fast. I have 4 websites, two that I own (the domain of) and two that I intend to buy. All 4 have been brought up together, but none have products yet. I am looking forw