End of Course 3

Last Update: April 23, 2015

Well, I got to the end of course 3 about half an hour ago. I seem to have laboured so, just to learn how to add affiliate links and Adsense etc. Then n the case of Amazon and Adsense I have actually been declined, so it seems a bit of a waste of time. I'm so annoyed with Adsense that I won't bother with them anymore, especially since I learned, as par for the course, that the Adsense revenue isn't all that fantastic.

So so glad to be moving on, but I'm not sure this business is for me.

Another thing I understand (from making the error) that spamming (or in my case self promoting for donations to a project) is strictly not allowed on the W.A, profile. What I want to know categorically now is whether self promotion for a donation appeal is allowed as part of ones website(s) hosted here at W.A.?

Also I find the rule about not exchanging personal contact details between members a bit disconcerting. What if people want to keep in touch independently of W.A.?

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Simoc Premium
I agree with other comments. Get your website well established before monetising it. It is unlikely for people to donate to ideas as everyone has them.
Tsusanami Premium
You're talking about two separate things here.
Bluette Premium
I just wanted to say something about personal contacts exchange, you can always private message someone here, get their email address and communicate that way, it's perfectly all right, why not?

You said not sure if this business is for you, just give it a bit more time. I am moving quite slowly due to full time work commitment and other responsibilities, still it's a great place to be and nice community. I am sure you will enjoy it better once all the training will settle into place and you will get a better understanding how to do things right.
It's always hard in the beginning.
pinkabella Premium
I tried an amazon account and found the same thing but as Kathy says I have only been here 5 weeks and as the saying goes Rome wasn't built in a day lol
Tsusanami Premium
Thanks Pinkabella,

Yes I think I am a bit impatient oftentimes. I shall hang on a while, but the energy this whole thing takes!!!

How is your site doing? Susan.
TSmithers Premium
Like Kathy mentioned amazon looks for content. After being here my first week going on my second I connected up with amazon by telling them I have a brand new site with no traffic yet and I only wanted access to my niche products. They actually give you access to everything but you tell them you only want your niche. Once you have one affiliate linked in most of the rest will follow. They will surf your site for navigation of what pages you have and look at whats on them. You just have to play there rules.
Hope this helps. ( I had 8 pages no posts at the time with 2 under construction)
Kathy331 Premium
It's quite normal to be refused by Amazon and Adsense if you don't have much content on your site, you've only been here a few weeks. You can reapply once you've built your site out more.
There's no point adding Amazon affiliate links to your site till you have traffic and that can take a few months depending on how much work you put in.

You can have self promotion on your own website and as far as I'm aware you can exchange contact details via pm. Where did you see this rule? I know I keep connected with people outwith WA who are no longer members here.

I guess you should be looking at your goals, what you hope to achieve here. I would say, stick it out and give it a chance, it was a few months before I started to see results and I'm nowhere near financial independence. What I can see is I'm heading that way, slowly but surely. :)
Tsusanami Premium
I will be doing the building up traffic side of things next.

I read that rule on the back of something official someone sent me about spam being a no no. A long list of W.A. don't do's. Maybe I read it wrong, but as someone else pointed out, anyone could write their email address in 'about me' page.

I think one of my goals should be to 'get some of my energy back'. It's the whole thing of working so hard with the worry that it might turn out to be a waste of time. I realize it is cumulative, but it also takes over.

Glad things have started to improve with yours.

Best wishes Kathy, Susan.
Kathy331 Premium
I understand, it takes a lot of time and energy, lots of new learning. I know I'm exhausted at the end of a learning day here. Just keep going and reapply to affiliates in a few weeks, it will all turn out well. :)