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Last Update: April 14, 2015

I have just got back on the bus really after a few days really striving and not getting far, it has been a real struggle to get my head around links and banners, I could have quit. Then all of a sudden this afternoon I managed to get some links and one banner into my websites, between the two.

The links are quite subtle within some text on my product pages. Also there is an adverts page in each with a banner. I don't know if I'm dong things right, but I am doing things, and as I learn more I know I can improve. I have had some kind encouragement from several of you.

So please from now on, if any W.A. out there is going to be buying any champagne or jewelry, please please please go through my site and tell all your friends, and then tell me!

Thanks, Susan.

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pinkabella Premium
I certainly will tell everyone.
Tsusanami Premium
Oh you sound sooo lovely Pinkabella, thank you very much. Susan. Hey what is your website about? I may have seen it? Remind me in case.
pinkabella Premium This is my second site and the one I am working on at the moment it is only a few days old so it is no where near finished it needs more content and some nips and tucks. My first site is on hold it needs redirection and a lot of hard work lol