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Last Update: April 19, 2019

My New Logo.
Its finally finished, I have to call it a draw, the wheels have been turning for quite a while to solve the logo issue, finally I have made the decision to cease changing it any further, it's finished, done, complete, no further alterations will ever be made.

When attached to my header, seen on the left it seems to me to look effective, I hope that the wise and the wonderful amongst you have a similar thought to mine, however I am open to criticism if there is something radically wrong.

It started as two hands on a blue background, but that did not work with the background I already had as that also was blue, it blended to nothing, it has been changing for nearly three weeks since Kyle gave me access to the Super Affiliate Course.

I have now changed my domain to .com, if you are reading this and you have yet to finalise your domain make sure you get the .com as this seems to give the best results when you come to promoting whatever it is you want to promote.

Now i can start building out my site, a lot of work has already been done with the > domain but I need to transfer and alter things slightly, which raises a question, do I cancel the or keep it for opportunities based in the UK.

Time will answer this one no doubt.

I am now going to enjoy the Easter break and wish you all very happy and safe Easter.

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CandP Premium
Great work, Paul! It looks good!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
C & P
trymetoday Premium
Thanks for your reply, pleased you like it.
BradB18 Premium
Hi Paul,

Not only does .com give the best results it also is the best for real estate domain purposes, in case, down the track, you want to sell your domain. DOT COM websites attract the highest prices.

If you have put in a lot of work on your and getting traffic I would keep this domain and have content with external links in your new .com domain linking to the domain until you get established. This is my opinion and what I would personally do..
trymetoday Premium
HiBrad thanks for your reply, your comment on the UK site and the use of external links is very welcome.
CalChrisH Premium
I think the header is great. Smart move on getting the .com. I don't think you want to get rid of your uk domain but I'm not sure. I would just leave it alone and use the .com. Maybe someone else can correct me if I'm wrong.
trymetoday Premium
Thanks I will keep it for now.
MKearns Premium
Building is a great thing to be involved in!
trymetoday Premium
Thanks for your input appreciated.
AliObaid Premium
hello Paul
happy Easter to you too
I love your new logo I’m pretty sure it took a little bit of time to put it together

have a great day
trymetoday Premium
Lets just say its nothing like what it started out as. Thanks for your comment.