My Strange Christmas Gift

Last Update: February 18, 2019

Finally, I have made the effort and spent my Christmas present, at first, I was a little taken aback, not the sort of present that I personally could benefit from I thought.

How wrong this proved to be, as I have gained an insight into the many wonderful ways that people benefit from small gifts.

I have found people from poorer nations who have the tenacity to go out and overcome their financial problems, to help others, to grow their own businesses, sharing and giving employment to others, themselves and their families a better life, it's been a present that has opened my eyes to helping a few people towards their owndream.

It’s all that the WA stands for, building dreams that lead on to better lifestyles, proving it's not always about the money in your pocket, buying precious time is just as important, everyone has a life to lead, there is satisfaction in helping others along the path of life.

One that we were given no choice in the circumstances to which we were born, for some every day is a challenge, not how many words can I write today, or making a YouTube video, no, far more important is where and how can I buy the materials or goods to sell, so I can buy the food I need to feed me and my family today.

I am hoping that you are becoming a little curious as to this gift I received, I am also hoping that once you find out, as you become successful following the plan laid out for you here at WA, you will not forget that there are others who only need a little help from a few to achieve their dreams as well.

The gift came to me in the form of a Gift Voucher, we all receive gift vouchers at some point in our life, so what made this one different, well it had to be spent on helping someone else, nothing for me.

It was a Kiva Gift Card, ( if you want to find out more) so I split the gift into two parts, I gave half to the Mujeres Dinámicas (Dynamic Women) Group who is part of the poverty elimination program in Paraguay.

Sara is one of the members, and she works as a dressmaker. She has an established customer base that is loyal to her because of the good service that she provides.

Sara is the breadwinner in her household, and she provides for her family through her business. She hopes to continue doing this, which is why struggles and strives to get ahead.

Sara seeking a loan to purchase supplies, such as fabric in bulk, buttons, thread, and other products. Sara grateful for the opportunity to continue with her business as she has been doing.

The second half I gave to the Prosperidad Leal Group in Peru.

Carmen is an enterprising member who is 52 years old, single, and has one child.

She belongs to the Communal Bank “Prosperidad Leal”. Carmen has been managing a business of selling gas for cooking for approximately six years.

Her greatest wish is to continue expanding her business. Carmen is requesting a loan to buy more gas for cooking.

The choice was so difficult, there are so many people just require a little help it became so difficult to decide, that is the reason for it being now over a month to decide on where my gift should go.

I hope that one day everyone reading this will be successful in their dream, and when they are, they will think about how they might help someone achieve their dreams with a few dollars.
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bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing.
sminman7 Premium
Awesome post! Very touching! Keep up the great work!
ECV82 Premium
Awesome gift!!
NnurseBecca Premium
This is beautiful and make me cry. I am so happy for your gift. I relate to this story, and can tell you it is not fun to struggle as the breadwinner. Thank you for this beautiful gift.
Nurse Becca
trymetoday Premium
Thanks for your reply.
NnurseBecca Premium
ShaunnaLynne Premium
Such a thoughtful, and well spent Gift! So many will profit from this!
So for those who may not be able to say it....
trymetoday Premium
Thanks, it was a very interesting experiance reading about how some people are managing to get through life.