Life changes so fast!

Last Update: April 08, 2014

So I am riding along, feeling good, working on my site and then the phone rings.......

A mom with terrible news.........he's gone!

My heart shatters and I feel sick, why so young Lord, what is the point and then I remember we are all appointed a time, place and day to die. It just REALLY HURTS when the Lord decides to take them before they even began truly living.

My son Logan nicknamed him Taco.

He came on a warm day in September, my son Quinn brought him home.

"Hey Mom, meet my new friend, he's from California, can he hang out?"

After that they were hardly ever apart. It was official Taco was part of the family, he slid right into our hearts with his warm smile, awesome hair, quiet demeanor and sad eyes.

I never said goodbye when he went back home because he was coming back for Easter, Quinn already had plans for them the whole spring break and Easter weekend.

Funny how we take things for granted!

So here I sit mourning a 13 year life, wondering how this makes any sense and missing him terribly......

Goodbye Taco, you will be forever imprinted on my heart!

Thanks for listening WA family.

Take Care and God Bless,


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183paleon Premium
Hi Kim,

I can feel your story, thanks for letting me have the opportunity to read this.

One morning in May in 2001 I spoke with my youngest (healthy) brother on the phone as usual.......
and by the evening that day, I got the news via a phone call that my brother was gone.

my world changed suddenly and without warning, I changed.
Now, for me, I accept that everything has a season, everything happens for a reason when it was meant to.