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March 10, 2016
I just want to say thank you to Kyle, Carson and all the members of Wealthy Affiliate who have helped teach me this last 5 months.I never really pondered what WA means to me but today it hit me.....I have a golden opportunity here to take my life wherever I want. Although I haven't had a chance to really work on my sites just being inspired by other members means more to me then I can ever say! Perhaps there are times when we just need to soak up the love and inspiration! So a huge THANK YOU fo
This past weekend was a 3 day one for me due to the schools being closed for MLK day, my goal was to work on WA the entire weekend. I really wanted to get to course 3 Lesson 10. With this in mind I got up early on Saturday, grabbed my coffee, grabbed my laptop and proceeded to log into WA. Waiting, waiting, crashes! Ok so I can handle this, we need a new one anyway. Go shopping, find one, done!Get home ready to set it up (I cannot believe how easy they are to set up now) a
So I went ahead and made an executive decision and deleted my first site. Why? I was stuck at a crossroad and realized that I needed to start fresh! I absolutely believed in what I was promoting but found that I was not putting in the time because I was jumping ahead of myself and that is when frustration sets in for me! After taking a long hard look at my priorities I have made several changes in my life and I believe that they will not only help me focus on building a new site, I also believe
April 08, 2014
So I am riding along, feeling good, working on my site and then the phone rings....... A mom with terrible news.........he's gone! My heart shatters and I feel sick, why so young Lord, what is the point and then I remember we are all appointed a time, place and day to die. It just REALLY HURTS when the Lord decides to take them before they even began truly living. My son Logan nicknamed him Taco. He came on a warm day in September, my son Quinn brought him home. "Hey Mom, meet my new friend, he
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February 20, 2014
Hi Everyone,First blog here at WA and boy am I nervous. Silly right, I mean after all I am a professional educator whose gifting consists of connecting with and understanding juvenille offenders. The kids that many in this field feel are a waste of time because they will always be "in the system" Well I was one of tose kids in the 80"s. Got myself in trouble and wham before I knew it I was locked up in the youth home. Many years later and lots of personal growth I have learned that the people wh