Took the Plunge!

Last Update: Jun 1, 2016


I am enjoying creating websites at Wealthy Affiliate so much that I just went Yearly! Yay. Even without an income the yearly upgrade is worth it as its so much fun to be learning and applying all this new stuff but I know that I will be successful at this and earning revenue very soon!

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Congrats on going yearly! I know, it's so exciting here at WA. So many stuff to learn and so many that we have learnt. I went yearly too, so I know that feels like. It's worth it!

Debbie, Awesome. That only shows that you have vision that lays before you. You don't physically see it, but you know that it's coming to you. I'm truly happy for you.

Fantastic! Great move. Applying everything learned is mind-boggling but truly outrageously fun at the same time. Income will come!

That's great Debbie, best financial decision you have made. You will not regret it. All the best.

Yes it is well worth it just for the education and training alone! The income will come, so just keep going and you will be fine! Best wishes to you ! Cheers, Lisa

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