Observation is key to Knowledge

Last Update: January 10, 2016

There is a Saying A keen Observor will get the knowledge. Knowledge is power .. With Knowledge you can acquire health& wealth which are the basic things needed for a successful life


In a class room teacher will wil be teaching or explaining things to all students equaly .But how ome students are able to acquire the knowledge and others just leave the school with very little knowledge

So in order to aquire knowledge one has to be a good observer.Obsevation means not only seeing with eyes. ,What we hear and what you feel and after hearing seeing and feeling what your brain process makes us unique indiduals.

Try to do the olden practice of Yoga, Surely it will help in developing concentration in observation.Keen observation Leads to acquired knowedge which in turn produce successful individuals.

.Any other method to develop obsevation and concetration?

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Maxiam59 Premium
I believe you do what ever it takes to keep you sharp and if yoga works then I say go for it all the best
MPrice Premium
You're right about yoga. I just started up again with a really great teacher. Very intense work and strong reactions to it, but I know the rewards are more than worth it. It also helps me be grounded and present in the middle of the work week (if only for a little while).