Did Fear drags You back?

Last Update: January 14, 2016

I wanted to attempt many things in my life .but some thing drags me back.

I was trying to analyse it for a long time.Then I found out .First and foremost is Fear. Fear of failure.Even if I have the resources ,time and energy i try to

stay back. Every one wants to be success in life so when you are defeated you feel humilated .You feel humiliated not only in front of others but also to your innerself. I think this is the root cause of it

President Franklin Roosevelt famously asserted, "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.". I think he was right: Fear of fear probably causes more problems in our lives than fear itself.

Do any one has this fear of attempting new things in life ?Is there any solution For this?

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KatieMac Premium
good post fear certainly can ruin our chances I try and live by the quote " feel the fear but do it anyhow"
NatNiches Premium
Yep - trying to combat it every day. My method is, basically realising I have the fear and then ignoring it. :) He keeps tapping me on the shoulder though. But I just ignore. ignore. ignore. :)
Maxiam59 Premium
yes developing a healthy mind and using it to the best of your ability call it PMA all the best Max
Gr8Purpose Premium
Thanks for the reminder!!!