Trying to add people to your managed google pages but cant? Here's how!

Last Update: May 19, 2015

Adding people to your managed google+ account.

So as I learn about blogging and utilizing social media I continue to run into road blocks. Google+ being my latest.

Google+ so far has not impressed me one bit. I find it very hard and frustrating to use.

Every-time I tried to add someone to my business page that I manage within my personal account. It would always default to my personal account. Very Frustrating!

I finally solved the puzzle

So here is how to solve the problem:

1. Sign into your google+ account under your personal profile.

2. Go to "pages". Click on home in the left hand menu and scroll down. There you will find "pages". In this section will be a list of all pages you manage.

3. Find the page you want to change and click on manage this page.

4. Once you click on manage this page it will take you to the page you want to work with. Then click on settings and scroll down to third-party tools.

5. After you have located third-party tools there is a button that says set up password. Go ahead and change your password. Google automatically assigns a username.

6. Log out of your google+ account and log back in with your new username and password. Now your business page is set as default and you can start adding people easily to your google+ business page!


I know, now you are wondering how do you add people to your personal google+ account. Well all you do is log out of google+ and log back in under your google+ personal account username and password.

This will now set your personal account as the default one. So in other words, whichever account you logged into by using the username and password for that particular account, will become your default page.

Clear as mud? If so leave a comment below and I will try to help out.

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